Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition Review
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Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition Review

Sound Impressions


The AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition is the most powerful DAP they’ve put out in the line means that it is likely the most responsive as well. And that is the case.

I can play the same file with the same MSEB settings on all three AP80s I currently have and all three of these sound different with the same headphone at the same wattage output levels. Why? Because of the DAC quality.

The AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition has the best chip inside of them all, and it responds very nicely to the bass head level in the lows if you want it. Go ahead and toss +10dB in there and watch (listen) what happens. Go ahead…I double dare you!

This DAP performs very well and doesn’t get overly muddy. Of course, at +10dB you introduce a ton of distortion but I think you will be impressed with how little is being heard through bassy headphones.

For $249? The bass quality is excellent and rivals some very expensive amplifiers I had some years ago that were much more expensive. We’ve come a long way.


In this area, there isn’t much of a difference between the models, if only for the purity factor. They all feel exactly the same in presentation and dynamics, bloom, and placement.

They are mildly forward and engaging, fun, and interesting. I felt the same throughout each variant but I can tell with this AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition that the purity factor is superior.

If you enjoy the smooth and pure sound, then this is the DAP for you if you are looking for something under $300. This DAP is not warm; however, it is a bit thicker and heftier in tonality though over the past models.

I attribute that to, of course, the DAC inside. Lush in weight, but pure in tone and texture. One of the better $250 tier sources I’ve ever heard in terms of raw quality factor.

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition Review


The top end of the AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition is highly engaging and shimmering like silver in a spotlight inside of a dark cave. The area around the treble is darkened, almost embossed-feeling with regard to how the treble itself pops out of the darkness of the curtain of the stereo image out of nowhere.

The entire top side is beautifully tuned, without going too far into sharpness. While pure in tone and texture, the quantity factor is sublimely just right without becoming painful or annoying. It has just enough bite to keep things interesting, but it physically feels tonally smooth and slick.

This top end is very engaging, if you like screaming guitars and classic rock, you’ll enjoy this DAP due to its ability to retain enjoyability in quantity without it introducing a wince factor. And to me, that is very important.

It is a hard line to walk across and more often than not, too much quantity is designed into the system. This is a rare pure-tone DAP with a wonderful quantity allotted to it.


I feel absolutely no difference in height or width staging. Every AP80 model feels exactly the same.

However, the last two I’ve reviewed have noticeably improved stage depth over the last variant models. And so too, this new AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition variation of the AP80 model is the deepest and most cavernous feeling of the bunch.

The separation of instruments and natural flare feels much better than the last models, again due to the much nicer DAC inside. The realism factor and focused sound that you can locate with your ear and senses are traits that I feel to be very underrated.

Take the older beyerdynamic series T1, or the newer models into account on this topic. They are known for exceptional coherency factor, where sounds come out of the void with pinpoint accuracy and do not feel splashed or stretched.

You can locate where the sound field waves are coming from at an 11 o’clock position, or a 1 o’clock position. And so on. In this regard, this new AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition model feels the most coherent of the bunch.

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition Review


IEM Pairings

I have recently reviewed the SIVGA M200, a $49 budget-tier set of IEMs. This combo meshes nicely not just in sound, but pricing too. Mid-tier DAP + budget IEM equals fun and a good sound overall.

The AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition maxes out the potential of the SIVGA and it is true that the lower-tier models do not offer any different purity factor with this SVGA earbud.

What I mean there is that the lower tier models max out the potential of this budget tier model and using this alpha AP80 variant, the Red Copper version doesn’t alter the sound in fidelity, but it does change things in texture and quantity levels offered.

The Red Copper and M200 combo feel highly musical and something a frequent traveler would want on hand at all times.

Also, not long ago, I reviewed the excellent Seek Audio Airship IEM, which ended up performing well as a bassy, fun IEM overall.

Is that something you would want to pair with this AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition? Absolutely! The pairing of the two was sublime, if you love hard-hitting bass and a highly musical sound signature, then I would absolutely recommend you grab these two and put them together.

Fusion guitar and electronic music, in general, sound best here. This IEM’s specific ability to portray excellent low and end gentle treble bite is near perfect for a rig combo with the AP80 Pro’s MSEB features, which are highly customizable and responsive to alterations.

Headphone Pairings

I enjoy the AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition most with my beyerdynamic T5 Gen 3. Why? Because as I have just mentioned, the imaging and sound traits match each other very well.

The T5 Gen 3 is very coherent and relaxing but has solid offerings of shimmering treble and a solid bass experience. These traits match this new Hidizs AP80 almost perfectly. So far, that is the best matchup I’ve come across.

Hidizs AP80

Select Comparisons

Hidizs AP80

Well, the original AP80 DAC is very low-end compared to these newer models, so you can almost instantly hear the purity factor jump up a few steps when swapping to the new model.

So too, the entire system of the new models was much more responsive to EQ and alteration, meaning you can toggle up or down on some settings on the original model and not hear much of a difference.

That isn’t a problem with the new ones. The original (black version) AP80 is entirely neutral feeling and overly reserved on treble quantity compared to the new model.

Hidizs AP80 Pro

Hidizs AP80 Pro

The last gen AP80 Pro that I still have is the one I use in my car almost every day, usually stuck to a magnet on my heater and air conditioning vents and connected via 3.5mm to my car system. I am more familiar with how it sounds than any other DAP I own.

I can safely tell you the new AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition is much more natural and purer, a real step up from my last-gen model. The major difference is in the treble, which feels much cleaner in the new model compared to all the other past variations of the AP80.

Also, the depth of field imaging is noticeably better as well and not quite as nice on the maroon-colored AP80 Pro model from the last generation. The build quality somehow is superior on the newest model, again due to that absurd Red Copper material.

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition Review

Our Verdict

The Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition feels like it should cost twice the price. This release is sadly limited to 499 units so not many of you will get to own one for the time being. But it might be worth it if you have a chance to get one.

The treble is stunning. The build quality is absurdly great, the output power is getting close to negating the need for portable amplifiers, and the UI is ungodly fast and potent compared to the past models that feel much more sluggish and slower.

If you want a great treble DAP for under $250, this is one of the ones I would recommend wholeheartedly.

Hidizs AP80 Pro-X Red Copper Edition Specifications

  • All-new Red Copper chassis.
  • High-performance Dual DAC chipset featuring two ES9219C DAC chips.
  • Supports Hi-Res 32-Bit/384kHz PCM as well as native DSD256 decoding.
  • Full 8x MQA unfolding.
  • Independent FPGA chip architecture.
  • Two-way Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity.
  • Hi-Res LDAC and CSR Apt X Bluetooth transmission protocols.
  • Samsung 2.45” IPS display.
  • Two gain levels.
  • Pre-installed HiBy Music Application.
  • Pre-installed step counter and E-book reader.
  • Up to 11 hours battery life, (Single-ended), Up to 8 hours on balanced.
  • 40 Days standby.


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