Fiio 600w
Fiio 600w

Fiio Joins Headfonics!

When I built this site I wanted to reach out to significant manufacturing brands in the mobile audio world that would be of interest to our viewers, readers and our massive headphile forum community so I am very pleased to announce today a formal partnership with FiiO Electronics Technology CO., LTD, better known to their worldwide fans simply as Fiio. The first headphone amp I ever bought came from these guys, the famous E5

So I asked Fiio what they stood for and what they are all about and this is what they were eager to say.

“FiiO is a young and creative brand, which has been developed to become a famous brand in some regions of the world since it started in 2007. It has become a brand with high awareness, high market share and fast development speed, even being a favorite brand among consumers by providing high quality, performance and cost-effective products.

FiiO Electronic Technology Co,. Ltd has a professional product development team to develop products on the idea of “ practical, convenience, novel and reliable”. We aim to research and produce independently and innovate continuously. We are determined to provide the consumers more and more products with good quality and affordable prices. Furthermore, FiiO has developed more than 60 sales agents/distributors at around all over the world which include North America, Europe, Asia etc. to offer our services in a highly effective and more convenient manner to our consumers. Meanwhile, in order to satisfy the increasing demand of the market, we moved to a new factory which with 4 times production capacity compared with the old one. We have also added more machines for production, R&D and inspection purposes to enhance the production capacity and quality management level.

Looking forward, FiiO will develop constantly on the orientation of meeting the needs of consumers and with continuous improvement on our ability and standard, thus, expect to become an international famous brand in the near future.”

So there you have it readers, a strong a growing brand joining a strong and growing website about strong brands – sounds perfect eh?

And what a great time to as Fiio expand beyond their initial successful offerings of the E3, E5, E7 and E9 amplification technology we now await their first ever DAP in the D3, a dedicated amplifier with the A1 and a bang for buck killer amp the e11.

In the coming months yours truly will get his sweaty palms on a few of these and will put them through the gamut of high tech (a plug and my ears) sophisticated weapons at my disposal and give you my two cents worth opinion. In the mean time here is what Fiio are famous for currently:

Thanks again for everyone at Fiio for putting their faith in us!

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