7Hz Timeless

7Hz Timeless Review

This review covers the new 7Hz Timeless which is a 14.2mm planar driver universal in-ear monitor with a double-sided array N52 Magnet. It is priced at $219.99.

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7Hz Timeless
7Hz Timeless Review
The 7Hz Timeless has a fun and energetic tuning, with arguably a fast and thick bass response. This can be a good buy for old audiophiles looking for a side-grade from their dynamic, BA, or hybrid drivers or for new enthusiasts ready to pull the trigger for a good starting point in the hobby.
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7Hz is a relatively young brand in the market founded in 2018 by a team of engineers and audio enthusiasts who came together to break into the realm of audio products. The team aims to deliver efficient setups, tuning drivers into their natural abilities, and pushing its boundaries to make them shine.

Timeless is unique in that it is the first planar IEM released by 7Hz. Other offerings from 7Hz are mostly dynamic drivers with various materials such as a beryllium-plated DLC dynamic driver found in the flagship 7Hzi99.

Currently priced at an SRP of $219.99 for the single-ended 3.5mm and $224.99 for both balanced 2.5mm and 4.4mm, this is an entry-level IEM offering competing in the sub $250 category, targeting new audiophiles and old audiophiles alike, especially enthusiasts curious with magnetic planar IEMs.

7Hz Timeless
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Tech Highlights

7HZ Timeless is a universal IEM is a planar magnetic IEM offering with a double-sided array N52 magnet and ultra-thin diaphragm 14.2mm Planar driver. With just 14.8ohms impedance and 104dB sensitivity, this magnetic planar IEM is surprisingly easy to drive, comparable with dynamic driver-equipped monitors.

Together with its 14.2mm planar driver and unique structure, Timeless is tuned to deliver with the aim of delivering a fast response combined with an excellent dynamic range.

7Hz Timeless


The design is consistent with its name “Timeless” as it looks like something pulled out of the space or perhaps even a watch face to tie in with the concept of time? The color combination of the IEM and cables with black-red-silver does look futuristic, reminding me of the color combinations from some space movie.

The Timeless indeed has a very unique shape and design. This is a textured flat circle faceplate that reflects light at multiple angles, resembling the back of the CD. The shape is ingeniously designed to accommodate the large 14.2mm planar driver, while still remaining small in size.

The shell is made up of a whole piece of aviation-grade aluminum CNC, making it durable and light. In fact, one bud is only rated at 5g per bud, which is light for a dual magnet planar IEM.

7Hz Timeless

Comfort & Isolation

Thanks to its lightweight body, wearing the 7Hz Timeless is comfortable even for long periods. The shape of the shell fits perfectly in my ears. It has the right amount of insertion for the IEM not to dig the side of my ears.

Isolation of the Timeless is nothing exceptional but it gets the job done. Comfortable levels of music drown out white noises that might interfere with pleasurable listening.


The 7Hz Timeless comes with a rather generous number of tips. there are 3 pairs of different colored tips in 3 different sizes (S, M, L) and 1 pair of small-sized sticky silicon tips.

Tip rolling makes a minimal yet noticeable difference on these pairs. Although the white silicon tips are good as it is, the translucent blue tips do have tamer highs and lesser bass while the black tips have less bass, fuller mids, and better highs.

Do note that the black and translucent blue tips are terribly difficult to put on the Timeless’ wide nozzle. It took several attempts to put in the black silicon tip once, while the translucent blue tip was nearly impossible because of its narrow and stiff stem.

7Hz Timeless

Stock Cable

Timeless is equipped with a custom high-quality cable with its inner core made up of single crystal copper and silver-plated single crystal copper and the outer layer wrapped with a silver foil completing the seamless look.

The termination on the IEM side is an MMCX connection, which I know some like but my preference is 0.78mm 2-pin as I find MMCX to be hard to remove, and it is no different with these monitors.

The 7Hz Timeless can also be bought with different jack terminations including an SE 3.5mm TRS, balanced 2.5mm TRRS, and 4.4mm Pentaconn plugs.

Moving around with the stock cables did not cause any problems. Perhaps because the cables were light and thin. The IEM side of the cable also has a laminated memory wire with good memory retention which is comfortably at the back of the ears.

The stock cable was also easy to put in and out of the case and tangling was never a problem with them.

7Hz Timeless

Packaging & Accessories

Packaging is straightforward with the 7Hz timeless. Underwhelming even for a sub $250 monitor. Nevertheless, 7Hz makes up for it with the accessories that came with it.

Timeless comes with a surprisingly heavy durable looking metal case, which is equipped with a strong metallic closure mechanism. Inside the case, you get the 7Hz Timeless drivers and cable carefully tucked inside the velvet interior.

Another black cardboard box encloses 1 pair of extra nozzle filters and 3 sets of sized tips (S, M, L) – a translucent blue that looks like Acoustune AET08, translucent white that looks like Acoustune AET07, and black silicone tips.

Externally, the translucent blue and white tips are dome-shaped while the black are wide bore tips that mimic the shape of memory foam tips – straight and narrow. Aside from the color, there are no noticeable differences between the translucent blue and translucent white tips.

Sound Impressions


The 7Hz Timeless strength lies with the lows. Bass is full-bodied- thick and meaty. It goes oh so low, with the sub-bass rumble clearly felt.

Mid-bass was incredibly textured, each thump packs a punch, but with just the right amount. The attack is fast and clean while being very solid and distinct. This is emphasized on fast bass rifts where notes are heard clearly with enough gap between.

The bass presentation of the Timeless is surprisingly good – even comparable to the dynamic driver-equipped IEM, with the lows being incredibly thick and full-bodied.


Though the 7Hz Timeless has a V-shaped tuning, the midrange was not as recessed as I expected it to be. The midrange was tuned in a way where the lows and highs complement the mids region, allowing the vocals and instruments to shine in their own right.

Although, there is slight thinness in the overall mids presentation it is not as lush and full-bodied but enough when evaluated macroscopically.

As expected of planar magnetic drivers, the mids are incredibly detailed. It is also mostly even, a pleasing balance between the lower and upper midrange.

Both male and female vocals are articulate, clear, and transparent. Both are smooth sounding, without feeling aggressive or to the point it becomes shouty. Details are easy to hear. Vocal layering is incredibly clear and distinct, especially evident with overlapping vocals. 

Instruments also sound very natural on the Timeless. Listening to instrumentals, the timbre of wind and strings instruments are accurate, and textures are distinguishable and not mushed into simple notes. Even with busy tracks, instruments are distinguishable, replicating each instrument accurately.


Timeless has airy and crisp treble, marginal advantage over most dynamic driver IEMs. Although it is on the bright side, it is tuned well such that it’s neither harsh nor fatiguing.

Treble extends well with the Timeless. Presence and brilliance are prominent, with the right sparkle, clarity, and airiness. Treble sounds energetic, with the cymbals a bit splashy with each hit. It has an extended shimmer with realistic decay.

Although Timeless has a bit of a treble uptick, there was no sibilance. Pronunciations are natural-sounding, without over-emphasis on ‘s’. Plucks on acoustic guitars are also crisp, well-controlled, and well replicated. 

Soundstage (including imaging)

Staging on the Timeless is wide for its price point. It has a wide and deep sound stage, impressively spacious for an IEM.

Imaging is above average, exceptional even. The distinction between instruments and vocals in the same frequency was never a problem with these monitors. Significant gaps between sounds are noticeable, even with busy tracks.

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