A large portion of the headphone market under $100 is made up of very bassy headphones, but the number of closed bass-boosted headphones that cost over $500 isn’t very high; Ultrasone has had one since the release of the Ediiton 7 in about 2006, succeeded by the Edition 9, then Signature Pro, and now Signature DJ. JVC has the oft-forgotten DX1000 and DX700. Denon also has some in the form of the D7000 and D7100, as does Fostex with their TH900 and TH600. Other than those few options, the rest of the high end world tends to favor mids and treble rather than bass. Of course, there are a number of reasons for this; a great number of the people that want hard-hitting bass are members of Generation Y, who likely has better uses for $700 than a pair of headphones. But there are always exceptions. One of the major drawbacks of most of the bassy headphones I listed above is that all but the Ultrasones are not portable in the slightest. The Perfect Sound Dido D901 aims to give not only the bass those shopping in the upmarket crave, but the convenience of a portable headphone as well.

20140331_115017 The Dido D901 by Perfect Sound

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  • Amazing – and just perfect for Beats owners wanting to upgrade.

    • headfonics

      If you flick through the ‘internets’ certain big forums have been extremly misleading or borderline dishonest in this headphones performance and value for money. I spotted a smaller blog that said the same as us but with an apology to Perfect Sound.

      Truth be told its an apology from us also because I do happen to like the Perfect Sound team also. They are nice guys but they need to revise with this feedback and hopefully come back stronger.

      • If they intend to go head-on against Beats, then sound would not seem to be their problem. The biggest problem would be how to sell the unknown brand against the giant killer that Beats is.

        • headfonics

          And at a substantially higher price.

        • Kyle Dionela

          Well that would be fine, but I’d at least like for them to improve in every aspect. The fact that they’re on par in terms of comfort and basic aspects is inexcusable. I think if they fixed those issues I’d be a little less harsh, but seriously the $20 Monoprice headphones have a better jack implementation. I like the fact that they have a detachable cable system, but they make it susceptible to failure, and replacing a jack is much harder than replacing a hard wired cable.

          • I had to send a v-moda headphone for jack replacement a couple years ago. I do generally prefer a detachable cable that detaches easily when yanked, since that puts less strain on the strain relief and the jack in the earcup.

          • Kyle Dionela

            No argument there, but the cable regularly came unplugged while I was walking with my DAP in my pocket, which is an issue.

          • headfonics

            Dale did you find the Aedle jack system a bit faulty? I had a one hour phone call meeting with the chief engineer from France last year and he was saying they were going to change the aedle jack as it basically dies really easy. Apparently they shove up into the cup with little or no pressure. I got two and twice it happened to me.

          • I didn’t see anything wrong with mine. HifiHeadphonesUK did not have stock of the VK-1 until they sent me the evaluation sample (which I had to return). So I suppose HFH’s sample was new production? Don’t know. Anyway I didn’t see anything that looked fragile. For a partly hand-built headphone with leather stitched parts etc., they shouldn’t have problems with jacks. And if I had suspected anything at the time, I would have given it a good workout. Some manufacturers (Sennheiser for example) do warn you that the detachable feature isn’t meant for frequent use, like plugging the miniplug into stereo players thousands of times.

          • headfonics

            Can you describe the jack socket? Maybe they have changed it since I got mine.

          • I don’t remember – I had it for 2 days and returned it.

  • somedude

    good review, thank you for letting us know, would like to know how it compares to the akg k67 in clarity if you ever get to a/b them

    • Kyle Dionela

      I haven’t heard the K67 and will probably never get the chance to try one, sorry!

  • Tim Schutte

    That is why there is something called…..WS99 hahaha

    • headfonics

      Hehe nice one Tim 🙂