20140331 115154
20140331 115154

The Dido D901 by Perfect Sound

The Dido undeniably has better bass. It has better definition, much more slam, and better timbre. No contest there. The midrange is a little closer. While both have…bad midranges, the Dido is less bad, which doesn’t say much. The Beats have the same funky timbre, but ramped up a notch. The treble is actually a tossup. While the Dido has better treble, there’s less of it compared to the Beats Pro.

All in all, I’d like to think of the Dido as a caricature of modern society. It’s ostentatious, priced high for the sake of it (there is nothing in this headphone that warrants it costing anything more than $300), and bassy. It has few redeeming qualities and honestly, it’s only the second headphone (the first was the Velodyne vTrue) I feel comfortable suggesting people avoid. It would be okay at $200, but even then, the fact that it can’t even keep its cable in its jack is weird. Perfect Sound have fallen a bit short on this and we can only hope there is a v2 to remedy these current problems.

Technical Specifications

Driver Diameter l 40mm
Driver Type l Dynamic Speaker
Impedance @ 1kHz l 16 Ohms
Connector Type l 3.5mm
Weight l 395gr
Cord Length l 1.3 meter
Headphone Type l over-Ear



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