In their March bulletin Stax of Japan, famous the world round for their range of electrostatic wonder cans, announced the SR-009 system which is to be their new top of the line Electrostatic headphone. And what a looker it is!

Specifications from the bulletin are as follows:


Newly developed sound element adopts in the SR-009 is a new high polymer ultra-thin film material called super engineering plastics, that is reinforced and much thinner than conventional engineered plastics.


New electrodes named MLER (Multi Layer ElectRodes) have been developed, using ultra-precision photo etch and high tech heat diffusion.


Abundant use of precision machined light-weight aluminum


Silver plated, High purity copper wire 99.9999% (audiophile grade)


Newly design, hand crafted lamb leather for hours of comfort.


Newly designed 10-click slider mechanism for optimal wear and comfort. Also used in SR-507


Type: Push-pull electrostatic circular sound element, open-air type enclosure
Frequency Response: 5-42,000Hz
Capacitance: 110pF (including cable)
Impedance 145kohm (including cable at 10kHz)
Sound pressure sensitivity 101dB / input 100Vr.m.s / 1kHz
Max sound pressure level: 118dB / 400Hz
Bias voltage: 580V DC
Earpad: Genuine leather (Lamb)
Cable: Silver-plated 6N (99.99999%) OFC low-capacity wide cable 2.5m
Weight: 596g, (454g without cable)

STAX is also introducing silver-plated extension cables to replace the current extension cables.

SRE-925S 2.5M
SRE-950S 5.0M
Silver-plated 6N (99.9999%) OFC parallel 6-strand, low-capacity special wide cable, 5-pin male/female

Though as always these are premium products with premium prices and for your decadent tendencies these beauties will set you back over $5000 or $5250 to be precise for the headphone alone.

SR-009 Retail $5250
SRE-925S Retail $250
SRE-950S Retail $450

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  • D_t_h_o_r_n

    I wonder what is the lowest cost amp to drive the SR-009 and preserve its sound quality?

    • Anonymous

      It is a good question, but with it being a Stat your choices are not free flowing. Some have commented on other sites that the Stax SRM-323S amp is a good choice with good power for the sr009.

      The Smyth ‘Realiser’ processor is another add on which reportedly offers a very good multichannel soundstage recreation experience from headphones (Stax phones have been recommended by Smyth)

  • Anonymous

    It’s fantastic you have managed to get your hands on an sr-009, I would surely love to try one out!

    • Aross

      Frankly, being so satisfied with the SR 007, I expected the SR 009 to be better.  But, WOW!  It was another dimension!