DSC 3161
DSC 3161

The Soho by Harman Kardon

The $200 headphone market is now probably one of the toughest markets to come out on top. Just about every headphone maker worth their salt is trying to make this dollar mark their own. The Soho will have to take it’s chances but its strong visual appeal and striking design will appeal to the “icrowd” and the above average mid-centric smooth tonal quality will please most consumers and maybe a few audiophiles to boot. Sadly the fit and isolation marks it down from being a good passive isolating closed can and those looking for a more dynamic and bassy experience may want to look at Aiaiai instead or V-Moda for uniqueness with bass. Overall though I enjoyed many aspect of the Soho and perhaps, just perhaps, a v2 of this will give us the perfect headband.

Technical Specifications

Frequency Response 20 Hz~20 kHz
Maximum Input Power 30 mW
Input Impedance 32 ohms
Sensitivity 100 dB SPL/V



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