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The Fidelio X1 by Philips

Yeah I know its really late and the X1 has been out for ages in the world market but here in our local market it is only hitting the shelves now. Better late than never but I guess but a review is well overdue as the X1 price is only getting to bargain levels for what I think is an outstanding musical headphone that Philips can be very proud of except for one thing – the cable.

The X1 was originally part of the triumvirate of Philips Fidelio headphones that came out sometime in mid-2012 which included the M1 and the L1. The X1 was the last of the three releases in quarter 3/4 2012 and unlike the M1 and L1 it’s roots are more firmly planted in desktop listening but with a suprisingly low level of impedance at 30ohms making the X1 a fairly easy to drive, if somewhat larger and of course more open headphone than the closed and semi closed portable offerings of the M1 and L1 respectively.

Since then Philips have moved on with the M1 bluetooth and the L2 which came out to mixed opinions but as of now there is nothing in the wind for an X2 meaning the X1 is still the flagship for Philips branded headphones.

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