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The E18 Kunlun by FiiO

The FiiO E18 has a lot going for it to be honest. It forced me to buy a Samsung S3 and those who know me would tell you I am not a touchscreen fan. The form factor for pairing with the S3 is perfect and the upgrade on the stock S3 is excellent with increased detail, slam and sound stage and significantly its a new path for FiiO with a more neutral and forward tonal quality that I find pretty agreeable and hope they continue to develop on this platform.

I had a lot of fun playing the E18 out of both the S3 and the PC and the little track button control section work seamlessly on both platforms. The fact it can act as a power bank when not in audio playback mode is just the icing on the cake. IEM’s and fairly easy to drive headphones are the best match such as the K550, but anything more power hungry or higher resistance wont work. This is a device for ‘on the move’ audiophiles and as such I am presuming most will use easy enough to drive cans and will hear the benefits instantly. As a convergence audio device it easily FiiO’s most accomplished work to date for me personally.


Technical Specifications

Weight 162g
Dimensions 130×66.2×14.6(mm)
Audio Input 3.5mm stereo jack
Headphone output 3.5mm stereo jack
Drive ability 16~150Ω(recommend)
Power/Charger USB 5V/500mA
Capacity 3500mAh Battery Life >25h(AMP);>12h( DAC +AMP)
Output Power >300mW@32Ω Charge Time 4h
GAIN Control 2 Level Output impedance <0.3Ω Frequency Response 20Hz~20KHz @10kΩ Signal to Noise Ratio >106dB
USB Sample Rate Support 32/44.1/48/96KHz @ 16/24Bit Input Overload 1.5Vrms
Crosstalk >72dB@1KHz THD+N <0.005%@1KHz/32Ω MAX Gain >6dB Dynamic Range >100dB
Peak Output Voltage 8 Vp-p MAX output Current >94mA
Max output Voltage: 8.4 Vp-p @32ohms and @250ohms
Max output Volateg: 3.0 Vrms @32ohms and @250ohms
Max output current: 250mA (peak), 93mA@32ohms, 12mA@250ohms
Max output power : 280mW@32ohms, 36mW@250ohms



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