Ctcaudio Dunu Dn2000 009
CTC Audio 2014

The DN-2000 Hybrid IEM By DUNU

Sound impressions


The lows of the DN-2000 are very capable, offering good impact with excellent extension in both the mid and sub-bass department. DUNU have succeeded in achieving a natural sound and to this extent, the DN-2000 offers accurate and realistically articulated bass which never feels out of place with the rest of the sound signature. There is no bleeding of bass in the lower mids which speaks volumes about the coherency DUNU has managed between their three driver hybrid technology. Whilst the DN-2000 possesses competent lows, the DN-1000 achieves an even greater kick in bass and delivers more of a full-bodied impact in this regard. However, the DN-2000 has still achieved great bass which does not detract from the other range of frequencies and definitely adds to the strength of this IEM.


Sweet in nature, the mids are airy and spacious whilst being neither forward nor laid back in presentation. As a result, they are somewhat diffuse sounding owing to the sense of air between the different frequencies. The mids of the DN-2000 also offer a level of crispness and clarity without sounding analytical and still being a touch on the side of warm. Male and female vocals sound great and the DN-2000 offers a pleasurable non-fatiguing listening experience due to the smooth nature of its mids and lack of sibilance within tracks. On this front, DUNU have achieved great success but the mids could be a bit more concentrated for my preference so that vocals shine above instruments.


Treble has very good detail and extension with a decent amount of shimmer but DUNU could have brought this part of the frequency spectrum more into the forefront as the treble does tend to sit behind the mids. The treble, like the mids however, still provide hours of pleasurable listening due to being free of peaks and sibilance. Adjusted with a sense of brightness compared with the DN-1000, the treble really is near to being perfection but just quite not there.



The soundstage is spectacular with a good sense of depth and width (albeit not exactly 3D). I feel an even greater amount of treble extension could add that needed height dimension to truly envelope you in music. Instrument separation is also incredible with a great sense of air between instruments allowing to pinpoint their location. These IEMs really produce a full sound and have the ability of making tracks appear grand, dynamic and powerful. Transparency is another trait this IEM has which means that they are ultra-revealing and stay true to the recording of files. This can either be beneficial or detrimental depending on your music collection.

Final Thoughts

Overall then, the DUNU DN-2000 is one of few hybrid IEMs which truly combines the best of the dynamic and balanced-armature worlds and offers it in a sleek and elegant profile. Tracks such as Avicci’s “Addicted To You” sound simply euphoric which is a great testament to these IEMs for being able to immerse you in the music. From rumbling lows, to the smooth spacious mids and the sparkly highs the DN-2000 boasts coherency and a non-fatiguing sound signature which works well across many genres of music. With this tuning, the DN-2000 is an improvement to its predecessor but should take note of the few nitpicks I have mentioned and address them in its next revision to offer yet another incredible IEM.





Varies but International SRP is set at $315US. You can find them around $30 off SRP or less right now if you know where to hunt.


DN-2000 in-ear earphone
10 sets of Eartips
1 pair of Earhook
3.5mm Female to 6.5mm Male Adapter
3.5mm Female to 2-pin Male Adapter
Aluminum alloy box
6 pairs of metal adjust ring
4 pairs of fitting rubber
Shirt Clip

Technical Specifications

Driver Unit: Dynamic (10mm)*1+Balanced Armature*2
Sensitivity: 102dB+/-2dB
Frequency Range: 10Hz – 30kHz
Plug: Ø3.5mm stereo plug
Cable length :1.2m


Pictures courtesy of CTC Audio – thanks guys!

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