Astral Acoustics Libra

Astral Acoustics Libra Review

The Astral Acoustics Libra is the company's TOTL silver headphone cable and comes in both a 4-wire and 8-wire edition. It is priced from $520. Disclaimer: The Astral Acoustics Libra was sent to us a sample in ...

The Thor II By Effect Audio

The Thor Silver IEM cable is one of Effect Audio's core or long-term product lines and was originally launched in 2013. You can still buy it today from Effect Audio for around $250 and graze through the various...
Effect Audio Lionheart

The Lionheart By Effect Audio

I have had quite a few IEMs in the last two years that I have spoken about fondly. IEM's that have great potential only to be held back by a stock cable that serves a basic purpose rather than delivers exceptio...