Advanced Alpha

Advanced Alpha Review

The Advanced Alpha is a brand new planar magnetic headphone from a company previously known for bang for buck earphones. Priced at $499. Disclaimer: The Advanced Alpha sent to us for the purposes of this revie...

ZMF Auteur Review

The ZMF Auteur is Zach Marbachs all-new flagship headphone design. It contains a unique hybrid planar magnetic driver and is priced at $1599 Disclaimer: The ZMF Auteur sent to us is a sample in exchange for ou...

MrSpeakers AEON Review

MrSpeaker's latest creation, the $799 AEON is reviewed below on Headfonics. This is a smaller lighter planar magnetic closed-back headphone but with flagship technology. Disclaimer: The MrSpeakers AEON sent ...

The SINE DX By Audeze

By a quirk of fate, Mike reviewed the SINE closed headphone over a year ago and seemed very happy with it.  It stole the show for him, got the end of the year award and rated a solid 9.0. You can't say fairer t...

The 99 Neo By Meze

The 99 Classic we reviewed last year came out of nowhere to be perhaps the 2016 sleeper hit in terms of enjoyable headphones. It sounded great, looked the part and had a price tag that was more than reasonable ...
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The RockMaster Live By Encore

The portable headphone market seems to fluctuate with bargain deals quite often.  There have been entire years where nothing was released that was easy on the wallet, but that was also worth it in sound quality...
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The LCD-4 By Audeze

Ever since the conception of the LCD-1 in 2009, Audeze has been a chief player in the audiophile headphone market today. Audeze specializes on planar magnetic headphones much like Hifiman and MrSpeakers. Plana...
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The HP-2 BY RBH Sound

I'd never heard of RBH's headphone line before Marcus had let me know about their HP-2 Beryllium. Honestly, I am lesser for not noticing it before. RBH is an American branded company that is well regarded for t...
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The Utopia By Focal

The Utopia is Focal’s third headphone and flagship model priced at $4,000. With its hefty price tag, is it able to perform against other top-of-the-line headphones? Build The box sports a similar design to ...
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The HE1000 V2 By Hifiman

I was pretty settled on the order of things in my headphone universe with regard to the HE1000 being the top dog so the announcement of the similarly priced HE1000 V2 a few months ago as a direct replacement fo...