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The CL1 By RHA

Marmite. There I said it and for those that have tasted this "delicacy" will know exactly what I mean by that term because the RHA CL1 is exactly that in a more enticing wrapper. Truth be told this is the review I have been looking forward to the most for Q1 2...
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The Dual Dynamic A71 IEM by Fidue

This is a dual review with Smit and I as we both received samples from Fidue at the same time. Smit's comments are in Italics and mine are in regular font. We last reviewed the Fidue A83 in August 2014 which was their flagship hybrid IEM priced at $350 and I ...

The Brainwavz R3

The idea of a universal IEM with multiple drivers definitely isn’t new. The shift began a little less than a decade ago with dual balanced armatures like the Shure E4C and Ultimate Ears Super.fi 5 Pro. Then came the triple balanced armatures like the Shure SE5...