Blend5 Way Ref Eng
Blend5 Way Ref Eng

Spiral Ear 5-way Custom IEM

Spiral is a new name to us in the world of custom earphones but nevertheless they have caught our attention with a 5-way (yes 5, count them!) balanced armature transducer architecture which is sure to appeal to the custom IEM enthusiasts if they happen to have a spare 999 Euro burning in their pockets.

What is even more impressive is that Spiral hail out of Poznań, Poland and not one of the usual den’s of custom world such as the US, Germany or China. Bravo my Polish friends, our members in Poland maybe sure to give you a call sooner or later eh?

Excerpt taken from their site:

Our flagship product! First ever, 5-way design in medical grade silicone, incorporating five, entirely independent, Hi-Fidelity Balanced Armature transducers dedicated for ultra crystal clear highs, rich, lush and organic mids as well as even more powerful and deep, yet extremely controlled low end.

Super extended resolution, frequency response, instrument separation and multi-dimensional soundstage will make you realize all the subtleties you have missed and never heard before in your well known recordings. And we mean all recordings…The bass can reach down to unimaginable levels with punch and “meatiness” controlled to the highest standards of highest levels thinkable. You can hear and feel the earthquake-like bass when it’s there in the recording. You can feel it in your body as the lowest notes can reach bone-conducting levels. The mids are extended to the point we have never heard before and their quality, clarity and liquidity should leave you breathless. The icing on the cake is provided by a super tweeter, capable of reproducing the very highest notes your source, amplification and your brain/ears allow you to. It’s there in the sparkle!

All these factors contribute to 5-way Reference being extra musical and analytical at the same time!
5-way Reference incorporate: the main woofer, a delayed “ignition” woofer, the low-mids transducer, the high-mids transducer and a super tweeter. Drivers for high, middle and low tones are connected through a custom, unique and first ever in the world, passive 5-way crossover system design.

The world’s first penta-bore acoustic configuration in silicone!

Available in:

transparent (high gloss crystal clear with an anti-yellowing protection)
black opaque
custom transparent-black
Items included:
In-Ear Monitors
cleaning tool
instruction manual
convenient, portable case.

Very nice indeed.

For those looking for more information you can contact them at the following address:

81/85 Dąbrowskiego St.
60-529 Poznań
E-mail: [email protected]
(Preferred method of contact)

Tel.: (48) 511 876 070

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