Final A3000 & A4000

Final A3000 & A4000 Review



In terms of specs on paper,  the A4000 is rated at 100d SPL, and the A3000 measures at 98dB, meaning that the A4000 is designed to be slightly more sensitive since both units are 18Ω rated.

On phones and iPads both earphones sound quite loud at half volume and very dark in the background without picking up sibilance. As you might have guessed though, both units have more potential to scale up with better amplification.

Final A3000 & A4000


The A3000 is on the flatter side so if you want a bit more sparkle you can pair it with brighter sounding gears, such as the Questyle QP2R and HiBy R5 Saber.

Otherwise, any DAP with higher output and stronger texture for example the Shanling M6 Pro and FiiO M11 Plus LTD will be doing a great job to boost its overall performance and fill out the staging.

In contrast, the A4000 is more adaptive to a different device and sounds very clear out of the box. The more forward mid-treble frequencies reveal more detail and air, offering a stronger feel of resolution even when put on low power outputs. On higher gain, the A4000 may sound a bit aggressive but still manage to have good control.

Using the FiiO M11 Plus LTD as an example you will hear the A3000 being well-textured in the bass and very swiftly articulated to the upper frequencies, also very expanded without the sound signature altered.

On the HiBy R6 2020, the A3000 sounds expansive and clearer in the treble, punching stronger and firmer in the lows. More density and power can be brought into the mids with the right match of outputs and the staging gets more opened up especially on the A3000.

Whereas the A4000 is getting even more energy with its treble, sharper, and even more exciting with sopranos and other higher-pitched instruments.

Final B Series

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Final B2


The single BA model B2 from Final shares some similarities in the tuning direction when compared to the A3000 which has a much friendlier price. While the B2 is using a sensitive BA driver it is actually more dampened with 41Ω impedance, requiring more power to drive than the more sensitive A3000.


On the B2 we are getting a beautiful metallic housing with sharp bevels, which creates great visual contrast viewing at a different angle. The A3000 in matte looks more low profile in design, also much lighter in its plastic molded housing.

MMCX on the B2 compared to the 2-pin design on the A3000 are both friendly and commonly used connectors. It is hard to tell which one is more durable but so far nothing has broken on any of the Final IEMs I have been abusing.

The fit is quite similar and both are resting nicely on my ears. For those who are metal allergic or living in cold countries, the plastic A3000 could be handier, also the lightweight design makes lengthy listening pain-free.


The B2 is extremely smoothly tuned with a fast response when driven well. The sound traits are influenced by the use of BA drivers as well as its dampened tuning that allows it to sound full and impactful.

The A3000 is comparably easier to drive and delivering plenty of smoothness and detail. It is more focused in the lower register and does not sound as extended and clearly imaged in the treble as the B2.

The B2 has elevated frequencies behind the 5kHz range for extra crispiness as well as a smaller attenuation that allows more breathy details to stay. It is able to deliver an airier bass punch with a slower decay, characterized by its dynamic driver configuration.

The much more affordable A3000 is more efficient and has a mass-oriented tuning that works well with various genres of music while pairing well with entry-level DAPs. This is a friendlier option for those who are looking for smoother laid-back and natural tuning.

HiBy R5 Saber

Final B3


The Final Audio B3 comes in a sensitive dual BA configuration at 19Ω and 102dB SPL and is the cleanest sounding model in the B series. The A4000 uses the single 6mm dynamic driver rated at a similar 18Ω and fairly close on efficiency at 100dB SPL. 


The B3 looks stunning in its metallic casing but the A4000 also looks fairly appealing in its dark navy theme.

What makes some difference here is the inclusion of the silver cable on the B3 that makes it feels quite a bit more premium compared to the black stock cable on the A4000. That will also go some way to explaining the price difference. 


The A4000 does not require the “KEI” cable to sound clean and fast and is nearly as transparent in tuning compared to the B3. However, when you listen in a quiet environment you will realize the more sensitive B3 is stronger in picking out details and sounds fuller, more natural with vocals and the overtones are more elaborated.

The bass on the B3 is higher in definition and more layered compared to the A4000’s more relaxing and smoother performance, but it could be compensated with sources strong in texture for example the Lotoo Paw Touch Series.

As for the staging, the A4000 sounds wider than the B3 when put on the M6 Pro 21, also rendering the overtones soothingly and smoothly with a clearer, more stereophonic image than the A4000. There is also more energy in the backing instrument for example acoustic guitars that sound fuller with firmer string plucking.

Though not as accurate and fast as the B3, the smoothness and the softer bass on the A4000 colors it more engaging and more forgiving.

Final A3000 & A4000

Our Verdict

Final has always impressed me with its intricate IEM designs and ethereal tuning. This time they are taking their entry-level designs to a new level, showcasing their varied tuning capabilities with contrasting IEMs in terms of balanced and natural sound and clarity, resolution, and airiness.

The all-rounder A3000 has good potential to scale up with output power and displays a very wide stage, while the A4000 displays strong treble performance that makes Jpop and Kpop thrilling.

Both IEMs display exceptional qualities and strengths regardless of their friendly price, especially when pairing the A3000 with mid to higher-tier DAPs and the A4000 with pop music and EDM. 

Final A3000 & A4000 Technical Specifications


  • Impedance 18Ω
  • Sensitivity 100dB SPL
  • Weight 18g
  • Cord length 2m


  • Impedance 18Ω
  • Sensitivity 98dB SPL
  • Weight 18g
  • Cord length 2m

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