Crosley CR6002A-BK Turntable

Crosley CR6002A-BK Turntable Intro

Recently retro gears have been getting some redesign love and for those that can remember the ‘Sound Burger’ portable turntable from a few decades back will be pleased to learn that a Crosley has gone back to this concept with a redesigned portable turntable.

It already includes recording gadgetry and a USB connection to rip those records as well as some great FM transmitter capabilities under the hood

Manufacturer’s product page found here.

Quote from: Crosley Radio

We took the record player “out of the box”. Crosley’s Revolution™ turntable truly fits the word in every way. Where other turntables take up space, this one dances around a desk without ado. Where other record players must be kept in their designated place, the Crosley Revolution™ practically begs to join you on every journey. And where other turntables tangle you in a web of wires, the Crosley Revolution™ effortlessly pairs with any FM radio for cordless, clear sound.

It is a turntable of firsts-the first battery-powered Crosley turntable, the first with a platter smaller than a teacup saucer, and the first with a wireless transmitter for cord-free enjoyment. Users can tote this two-speed turntable with them to vinyl swaps or to a friend’s house. Featuring a USB hookup for easy analog-to-digital transfer, the Crosley Revolution™ will allow users to free their favorites from the grooves for digital enjoyment across a variety of devices. This small but mighty turntable also features a headphone jack, passive audio out, and a dynamic full range speaker. **PATENT PENDING**


  • Belt-driven
  • 2-speed (33.5 and 45 RPM)
  • FM Transmitter
  • Diamond stylus needle
  • Manual return arm
  • 6AA powered (calling all Eneloop-heads)

Out now and selling for around $100 – $130 on Amazon US.

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