Noble Audio Khan

Noble Audio Khan – First Contact

Disclaimer: The Noble Audio Khan sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Noble Audio for giving us this opportunity. To read more about Noble Audio products we reviewed ...
Crosszone CZ-1

Crosszone CZ-1 Review

The Crosszone CZ-1 is a uniquely tuned full-sized closed-back triple driver headphone that uses crossfeed technology for massive soundstage performance. It retails for $2500. Disclaimer: The Crosszone CZ-1 was...
Cayin N8

Cayin N8 Review

The Cayin N8 is a money-no-object flagship Digital Media Player with a Korg Nutube at the heart of its sound signature. It is priced at $3299 in the US. Disclaimer: The Cayin N8 was sent on loan and will be re...
Final D8000

Final D8000 Review

The Final D8000 is the flagship planar magnetic headphone and the first of the Japanese firms' D-Series planar line. It is priced at $3,999. Disclaimer: The Final D8000 sent to us is a sample in exchange for o...
Cabasse Murano

Cabasse Murano Speakers Review

The Cabasse Murano is the smallest full range speaker of the company's Artis high-end series. This bookshelf speaker is priced at $3400. The Cabasse Murano speakers on review are on loan from MusicHaven. We re...
Colorfly U8

Colorfly U8 Review

The Colorfly U8 is a new flagship-level digital audio player or DAP from Colorfly, the creators of the C4 Pro many years ago. The U8 is priced at $1089. Disclaimer: The Colorfly U8 was sent to us in exchange f...
Cayin N8 Playback screen

Cayin N8 – First Contact

Disclaimer: The Cayin N8 digital media player was sent to us as a loan item and will be returned after this First Contact feature and subsequent review. Many thanks to Cayin for giving us this opportunity. For...
Chord Electronics Qutest

Chord Electronics Qutest Review

The Chord Electronics Qutest is a new compact desktop DAC that is designed to partner with any amplifier as well as their new Hugo M Scaler. It is priced at £1195. Disclaimer: The Chord Electronics Qutest sent...