Cayin N6ii

Cayin N6ii Review

The Cayin N6ii is the company's latest Android-based DAP or digital media player featuring a modular DAC and swappable amplifier motherboard. It is priced at $1199. Disclaimer: The Cayin N6ii was sent to us as...
AAW Canary

AAW Canary – First Contact

The AAW Canary is the company's debut flagship hybrid electrostatic universal monitor, (also can be ordered in custom format). It has a recommended retail price of SG$2,999.00. Disclaimer: The AAW Canary sent ...
Yulong DA10

Yulong DA10 Review

The Yulong DA10 is an all-in-one desktop pure DAC, preamp and balanced headphone amplifier featuring an AK4497 DAC and up to 3W of output power. Disclaimer: The Yulong DA10 sent to us is a sample in exchange f...
Hifiman Jade II

Hifiman Jade II Review

The Hifiman Jade II is the company's 2nd generation full-sized electrostatic headphone and solid-state amplifier system. It is priced at $2499. Disclaimer: The Hifiman Jade II was sent to us as a sample in exc...
Hifiman HE6SE

Hifiman HE6SE Review

The Hifiman HE6SE is a limited edition reimagining of the original HE6 planar magnetic headphone launched in 2010. It is priced at $1800. Disclaimer: The Hifiman HE6SE and the Chord Electronics TToby sent to u...
qdc Anole VX-S

qdc Anole VX-C – First Contact

Disclaimer: The qdc Anole VX-C sent to us is a discounted unit in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at qdc for giving us this opportunity and for the support of Musicteck and Music Sanctuary.&n...