LETSHUOER LR-Nebula Review featured image

LETSHUOER LR-Nebula Review

Today, Nihal reviews the LETSHUOER LR-Nebula, which is an affordable 6N Monocrystalline Copper aftermarket audio cable for IEM users. It is priced at $165.00.

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LETSHUOER LR-Nebula Review featured image
LETSHUOER LR-Nebula Review
The LETSHUOER LR-Nebula stands out as a decent copper cable tailored to enrich the bass and mid-range frequencies. With some IEMs that I paired the cable with, I found the synergy to be quite good, showing the potential performance when upgrading from a stock cable.
Sound Quality
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Decent bass and mid-range coloration
Lightweight and simplistic design
Nice packaging and inclusion of case
Stiff ear hook
Does not have modular jack option
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The LETSHUOER LR-Nebula aftermarket IEM cable is one of the brand’s first new releases from 2024 alongside the Cadenza4.

The brand has a few cables in its portfolio including a cheaper copper cable. However, the new LR-Nebula cable boasts several technical features, which, in my opinion, makes it a good proposition for an upgrade cable for those on a tighter budget.

Priced at $165, the LR-Nebula is a setup on their previous entry-level M3 cable with a similar copper wire choice. However, with an upgraded geometry and improved quality of finishing it merits its higher price point.

LETSHUOER LR-Nebula cable on grey background


The LR-Nebula cable is a 6-core cable with each core made up of 10 strands of 0.08mm wide 6N high-purity monocrystalline copper. There is no specific mention of the AWG size but the wire gauge on this cable is on the thinner side, making it quite supple.

The cable employs a unique balanced pairing design, featuring one positive core and two negative cores, effectively filtering out RF noise. This design not only boosts conductivity but also minimizes transmission loss.

The cable employs a proprietary silver-infused solder blend with a low melting point. This guarantees a robust physical connection and minimizes signal loss during transmission.

The cable is finished with 0.78mm 2-pin connectors with options for either 3.5mm SE or 4.4mm balanced plugs with internal high-grade 5μ gold-plated layer soldering.

LETSHUOER LR-Nebula splitter


The LR-Nebula cable has a simplistic design approach. With its soft texture and excellent flexibility, handling is quite easy. The weight is quite light, making it very easy to use for longer sessions. It does not tangle much and can easily be untangled.

The outer sleeve has a soft feel. The inner copper wires have a shiny appearance and are properly twisted to give an overall rich look. The twisting of the 2-wire is very even, and there are no visible gaps throughout the cable.

The splitter has a very nice design. The shape and size are normal, and the weight is very light. The brand’s name is engraved in white on the splitter.

The 2-pin connectors are polished in the same silver as the splitter and termination plug. To distinguish between the left and right sides, there is a thick circle of blue and red colors on the connectors.

The termination plug is slightly short, fairly lightweight, and polished in silver. The inclusion of a modular plug would have been a really good addition, given the price of the cable. LETSHUOER has been releasing IEMs with modular cables, giving all three options of 4.4mm, 2.5mm, and 3.5mm.

LETSHUOER LR-Nebula balanced jack and connectors


The cable is lightweight and thus easier to deal with. The stiffness is almost negligible on this cable, and it’s quite easy to roll up and store inside the case. The twists are close to each other, giving the cable a better weave.

The cable’s fit over the ear is a tricky part. The cable has a soft steel memory ear hook, which is supposed to provide a firm structure to the wire when put over the ear.

On most cables, this is achieved by having a thicker sleeve, which maintains its shape while the cable is on the ear. However, the addition of an extra steel wire introduces rigidity, compromising flexibility when putting it over the ear.

Adjustments are required when switching to different IEMs. While it doesn’t hinder usability, this approach isn’t the most optimal for sure.

The cable’s lightweight design does not add extra tension or any unwanted pressure on the ears due to its weight. Moreover, the absence of cable noise or microphonics ensures a good and relaxed listening experience.

LETSHUOER LR-Nebula accessories

Packaging & Accessories

This is one department where LETSHUOER does not disappoint. The packaging has a touch of premium yet still feels familiar with elements carried from one release to another from the brand.

The LR-Nebula cable comes in a small rectangular box. The outer packaging has a depiction of the night sky, ablaze with the soft glow of stars against a backdrop of deep darkness.

On removing the outer cover, one gets the actual box, which contains the case and cable. There is a matte finish on the box, with the brand’s name engraved in bold on the top.

Upon opening the box, one gets the instruction manual and warranty card packed in a paper sleeve. The back case fits nicely in the box in a foam cutout. There is a small gap to help with taking out the case. The cable is placed inside the case.

The case is the same that comes with the Cadenza4 IEM. It has a nice matte finish on the outside as well as on the inside. The brand’s logo is engraved on the top. The case is spacious enough to fit in the cable with IEMs.

Performance & Impressions 

The following sound impressions of the LR-Nebula Cable were completed using LETSHUOER Cadenza4 and S15 and Kinera Imperial URD alongside my main source, Lotoo’s Paw Gold Touch.


The LR-Nebula cable exhibits the essence of a traditional copper cable. It enriches the lower frequencies, infusing them with added depth and character.

The midrange also gets an improvement with some added richness. The overall resolution and clarity in the midrange are better with this cable. There are some noticeable enhancements in the imaging and separation on some IEMs.


The most noticeable change the cable brings is in the lower region. It adds quite a bit of richness to the bass, especially the sub-bass. The sub-bass has a deeper reach, with some additional weight.

In the mid-bass region, along with the addition of slam and some punch, it brings subtle refinement to the texture and layering too. The overall bass definition is richer and more enjoyable.

The midrange has a sense of better clarity and resolution. The lower mids are richer and have better weight. The vocals are richer and smoother with more sweetness in the timber, especially for female vocals.

In the treble region, it remains uncolored or true to the paired IEM’s sound signature. 

Staging & Imaging

The LR-Nebula cable has a positive effect on the staging. While the width remains nearly the same as earlier, the depth improves.

There is a significant upgrade in the separation and layering of instruments and vocals. The imaging from my tested IEMs also benefits from the cable with a more precise spatiality of the instruments. 

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