Canjam Europe 2016
CanJam Europe

CanJam Europe 2016 This Weekend!

Try hundreds of headphones at CanJam Europe 2016

This year CanJam Europe 2016 was on Sept. 24th and 25th. Way more than 100 brands will present their new and highlight products in Essen, Germany. CanJam Europe offers a unique opportunity to try more than 1,000 headphones, amps, sources, and accessories.

Visitors literally sit at a table with exhibitors at the show and can try every device on display. CanJam Europe 2016 is aimed at hifi and headphone enthusiasts, professional users as well as interested novices looking for a new headphone.

Who will be there this year?


Many manufacturers and distributors are bringing European and world premieres to Europe’s largest headphone show. German powerhouse Sennheiser presents their HE1/Orpheus – the world’s most expensive headphone – as well as brand-new models of the HD 500 range or the PXC noise-canceling headphones.


Beyer & Audeze

Local competitors Beyerdynamic are bringing their new monitor and hifi headphones DT 1770 and DT 1990 as well as the new range of Byron earphones.

American company Shure has its new electro-static earphone KSE1500 and its portable DAC/headphone combo SHA900 at the show, fellow countrymen Audeze brings the world’s first full-range planar magnetic earphone range iSine.

SPL, M2Tech & The Bit

Pro audio company SPL will have their new headphone amps Phonitor X and Phonitor E from ist SPL Pro-Fi series playing at their booth, Italian M2Tech’s Evo HPDAC Two, a headphone amp with integrated DXD/DSD-compatible DAC, will see its world premiere at CanJam Europe, just like hires DAP Opus#2 from Korea and a new product by German headphone manufacturer InEar.


Focal, Fidue & RHA

French company Focal shows its new high-end headphones Utopia, Elear, and Listen, Scottish RHA has its first portable DAC/amp, aptly called Dacamp L1, as well as high-res earphones CL1 Ceramic and CL750 made from stainless steel.

Five-way hybrid earphone FIDUE A91 Sirius and 1More’s Bluetooth earphone IBFree have their European premiere at CanJam Europe. German audio specialist Lehmann Audio will introduce their Drachenfels headphone amplifier.

Bring Your Own Gear!

In addition to commercial exhibitors, private headphone enthusiasts will show their lovingly-curated, often modified setups and invite like-minded hobbyists to talk shop.

About CanJam Europe 2016

CanJam Europe 2016 is Europe’s leading headphone show and combines the variety of a trade show and the spirit of a community event. 2016 is the fourth year of the show, which is aimed at consumers, pro audio users, and trade visitors interested in high-quality headphones and accessories. The CanJam Europe is hosted at Congress Center West of Messe Essen, Germany.
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