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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019


FiiO has 6 headline deals for Black Friday and Cyber weekend and they are as follows:

  • FiiO M9 – $50 off, down from $299.99 to $249.99
  • FiiO M3K – $20 off, down from $69,99 to $49.99
  • FiiO uBTR – $9 off, down from $27.99 to $19.99
  • FiiO FA1 – $10 off, down from $99.99 to $89.99
  • FiiO Q1 Mark II – $7 off, down from $99.99 to $92.99
  • Jade Audio EW1 – $20 off, down from $49.99 to $29.99


If you’re interested in M9, FA1, Q1II, uBTR, EW1 or M3K, you could find the deals on their Amazon store: FiiO Amazon Store

Other than Amazon, 2 of their US dealers The Camera Box and B&H Photo will also run promos on their websites. You could find deals like FH5, E10K, BTR3, FH1, BTR1K, FB1, M7 and so on in their websites. B&H Photo and The Camera Box

Promotion time: USA PST, (Pacific Standard Time), starts at Tuesday, 26th November 2019, 00:00:01, Ends at Monday, 2nd December 2019, 23:59:59.

If you’re not in the US but want to enjoy the Black Friday, FiiO has some deals on their Aliexpress store from 29th Nov to 3rd Dec 2019. Check out more details here: FiiO Aliexpress Store

Satin Audio

Vietnamese cable specialists, Satin Audio, are also offering some big discounts on their quality cable range, specifically their excellent Monster Chimera and Griffin cables. We reviewed the Medusa this year which is a pure silver cable at just over $200 SRP so we know they are capable of some excellent stuff for not too much.

Satin Audio Black Friday 2019

Here are the Satin Audio deals and the promotions run from 27/11 – 11:59 PM to 02/12 (GMT +7). Just enter the coupon code “SABF20” at the checkout to get your 20% discount.

Item  MSRP   Your Price  You Save
Chimera 4X  $     116.90  $       93.52  $  23.38
Chimera 6X  $     149.90  $     119.92  $  29.98
Chimera 8X  $     180.90  $     144.72  $  36.18
Griffin 4X  $     109.90  $       87.92  $  21.98
Griffin 6X  $     142.90  $     114.32  $  28.58
Griffin 8X  $     175.90  $     140.72  $  35.18

Empire Ears

Empire Ears Black Friday 2019

Empire Ears are doing a discounted sale across all of their products, both universal and custom, for Black Friday and Cyber Weekend 2019. The sale becomes active 0:00 Nov 29th until Dec 2nd, 2019 midnight CMT.

You can expect to get 20% off Universal IEMs with code BFCMU20 and 15% off Custom IEMs by using coupon code BFCMC15 at the checkout.

Flare Audio

Flare Audio BF 2019

Flare Audio of the Uk are joining in on the Black Friday and Cyber weekend fun with a number of interesting deals worldwide. The cool thing is that these deals are happening now and will continue to either they run out of stocks or I am presuming end of the Cyber weekend.

The deals are a buy one get one free and a mix and match on any product. This includes

  • Flares Jet 1 / 2 / 3 earphones
  • Isolate range of ear protectors
  • Isolate MiNi range of ear protectors
  • Sleep range of sleeping earplugs
  • earSHADE earplugs
  • ALL Earfoams (silicone and memory foam tips)



As always Audeze deliver on some really tempting deals this Black Friday and Cyber weekend.

Starting Wednesday (11/27) at 12:00PM PT through next Tuesday (12/3) at 12:00PM PT (or until supplies), audiophiles will find incredible deals at on a range of different Audeze headphone products including the LCD-i4 in-ear headphone, the award-winning Audeze Mobius gaming headphone, and much more.

Please note that these Black Friday Audeze sales are for US residents only.

Null Audio

Singapore’s audio specialist, Null Audio, has a healthy list of gear discounted for the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. There are some killer deals on this list with 20% off AAW gear including their flagship Canary, Nightingale and their partnership with Shozy, the Pola. This is both universal and custom format also.

They are also offering 20% off their extensive cable products including the Thera, Tiburon and the Lune Series.

Beyond that, they also work with Grado in Singapore and if you are after a good deal here then you will also find 20% off the likes of the PS1000e and the PS500e.

Item No. Category Product MSRP
Discount BF Price


Thera 399 20% OFF 319.2
  Hakone 299 239.2
  Tiburon 169 135.2
  Lune 129 103.2
  Arete 89 71.2
  Ethos MKIII 69 55.2
  Pro-Gaming 89 71.2


Canary 2449 20% OFF 1959.2
  Mockingbird 1699 1359.2
  Pola 949 759.2
  ASH 949 759.2
  AXH 519 415.2
  A3H 369 295.2


Canary 2199 20% OFF 1759.2
  Mockingbird 1499 1199.2
  Nightingale 999 799.2
  Pola 799 639.2
  ASH 799 639.2
  AXH 449 359.2
  A3H 299 239.2
  KF 249 199.2
  ACH 229 183.2


GS2000e 1395 20% OFF 1116
  GS3000e 1795 1436
  PS500e 595 476
  PS1000e 1695 1356
  RS1e 695 556
  SR125e 150 120
  SR225e 200 160


Capri_lightning 79 30% OFF 55.3
  Capri_type-c 79 55.3
  Accessport 59 41.3


Nebula One 99   39
  Nebular One w/ mic 99   39
  Azalea 69   39
  Hibiki 129   49

All of these sales I believe are happening right now and the site has a very cool time ticker below each sale item to tell you when the deal will run out, which in most cases is the end of Cyber Monday, Dec 2nd, 2019.

Music Sanctuary

Music Sanctuary Black Friday 2019

Staying in Singapore for this next promo with Audio dealers, Music Sanctuary. They are also doing a Black Friday and Cyber weekend sale from the 29th Nov 2019 to the 3rd of Dec, 2019 Singapore time. They have a ton of excellent brands also with the like of qdc, AAW, 64 Audio, FIR and Ultimate Ears. If you cannot get access to each of the brand’s own BF deals then Music Sanctuary can step with some alternate offers.

The deals are as follows:

  • 10% off qdc and AAW models
  • free premium design options for your 64 Audio customs monitor purchases
  • A free VAC monitor cleaner with every FIR purchases, (these are rather good actually).
  • Model specific discounts on UE customs.

iFi Audio

iFi Audio Black Friday 2019

UK’s iFi Audio has two bundle deals for the Black Friday and Cyber Weekend period. The offer is available from 25 November to 2 December 2019 and you can pick it up from just about any iFi Audio stockist or dealer from around the world while stocks last.

The first Bundle is their iDSD nano Black Label which we gave a Bang For Buck Award in 2018.

Buy the exclusive Black Friday nano iDSD BL bundle and receive the following along with it:

  • FREE iSilencer3.0
  • FREE Sampler Album
  • 50% discount on NativeDSD music

The second bundle is their excellent xDSD portable DAC and amp and you can find our review for that here.

Buy the exclusive Black Friday xDSD bundle and receive:

  • FREE iSilencer3.0
  • FREE Sampler Album
  • 50% discount on Native DSD music

Please note the voucher code is valid for one-time use only from the 27th November through to 4th December 2019.



Every year RHA pulls out some excellent deals for the holiday period and 2019 is no exception. The summary is as follows and is applicable from Nov 28th, 2019 to the end of Cyber Monday, Dec 2nd, 2019.

  • RHA TrueConnect is discounted over 30% online and instore for Black Friday
  • Also included in the sale are the award-winning T20 and MA750 models

The full list with discounts and sale prices are as below.

Model RRP EUR Black Friday Price Discount (%)
TrueConnect (Carbon Black and Cloud White) € 179.95 € 129.95 28%
T20 € 159.95 € 111.95 30%
T20i € 169.95 € 118.95 30%
MA750 € 89.95 € 62.95 30%
MA750i € 99.95 € 69.95 30%



Huge range of deals on offer this Black Friday and Cyber Weekend via 1MORE’s US website, (link above).

By using the coupon code “BFCM” you get 35% off sitewide. However, that code won’t be active until the actual Black Friday date starting the 29th Nov 2019.

Some of the deals you can get with the code are as follows:

JH Audio

JH Audio Black Friday

There are plenty of awesome discounts at JH Audio this year with up to 20% off some of their best customs including the Layla and the Layla Signature Series, JH13v2, Roxanna, Lola, and Angie. The Layla won our Best Custom IEM last year and is still one of my favorite designs with that Bacote wood finish.

Here are the deals in text format available from JH Audio:

  • 20% off JH13v2, AmbientFR, Angie, JH16v2, Lola, Roxanne, and Layla Custom IEMs
  • 15% off JH3x, JH10x3, and JH11 Custom IEMs
  • 15% off Accessories, Apparel, Signature Designs, and Carbon Fiber or Lightning Strike Full Shells

Discount applicable for new orders only. Discount cannot be applied to previous or current orders. Discounts cannot be combined with any other offers or coupons. Offer is not valid for Jim Custom IEM, Performance Series Universal IEMs, In-Ear Survival Kit, Premium Leather Goods, Moon Audio Silver Dragon Cable, and Comply Soft Wraps Plus.

Discount prices available for end users only. Not available to distributors, dealers or resellers. The sale ends on 12/02/2019.

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