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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals 2019

We enjoyed compiling last year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday audio discounts and promotions so we thought we would expand on this a bit more for 2019 and try and go for a list that is even bigger than last year.

Below is a list of the best wallet-emptying sales we found on the ‘interwebz’ thus far with associated links and a brief summary. We apologize in advance if your bank account suffers as a result!

The list is not fixed, there are always new deals popping up so stay tuned on our FB page for any further sales that crop up. If you find any cool deals feel free to also add them in the comments section below.

For those who want the quick summary here are the companies highlighted per page,. Please scroll to the bottom and select the relevant page number to access the company discount information.

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Musicteck, Effect Audio, Linsoul, HiFiGo Noble Audio, Hifiman, beyerdynamic, Hiby, Lear Audio, Campfire Audio

Page 2

Fiio, Satin Audio, Empire Ears, Flare Audio, Audeze, Null Audio, Music Sanctuary, iFi Audio, RHA, 1MORE, JH Audio

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64 Audio, Audio Concierge, Clear Tune Monitors, Ultimate Ears, Jomo Audio, Auris Audio, UBSOUND, Begin Audio, Monoprice, Burson, TIDAL, Woo Audio



One of the best dealers in the US has a massive sale of some of the best portable audio gear money can buy. As with their Veteran’s Day sale just a few weeks ago the list is very long and very tempting.  Just to note, however, the sale prices do not come into effect until Nov 28th Pacific time and will end Dec 2nd midnight Pacific time.



Your Price

You Save

Cayin N8 (Brass Black) $3,699 $2,999 $700
Cayin N8 (Stainless Steel) $3,299 $2,649 $650
Cayin N6ii (T01) $1,239 $999 $240
Cayin N6ii (A01) $1,199 $959 $240
Cayin YB04 $499 $369 $130
DITA Dream XLS $2,299 $1,959 $340
DITA OSLO $599 $499 $100

Effect Audio

Effect Audio Leonidas II (8W) $1,888 $1,499 $389
Effect Audio Horus $1,799 $1,449 $350
Effect Audio Cleopatra Octa $1,499 $1,199 $300
Effect Audio Leonidas II $888 $749 $139
Effect Audio Thor Silver II (8W) $850 $680 $170
Effect Audio Cleopatra $699 $559 $140
Effect Audio Eros II (8W) $600 $459 $141
Effect Audio Eros II $280 $199 $81
Effect Audio Grandioso $199 $179 $20
Effect Audio Virtuoso $149 $134 $15
Effect Audio Maestro $99 $89 $10


HiBy R6 Pro (Purple) $799 $699 $100
HiBy R6 Pro (SS) $699 $599 $100
HiBy R6 Pro (Alu Black/Gray) $549 $529 $20
HiBy R5 (Black) $399 $369 $30
HiBy R5 (Gold/Gray) $399 $355 $44


InEar SD-5 $999 $799 $200
InEar SD-4 $849 $599 $250

Jomo Audio

JOMO Audio Trinity $2,799 $2,299 $500
JOMO Audio Flamenco $2,199 $1,799 $400
JOMO Audio Quatre $1,449 $999 $450
JOMO Audio Tango $1,399 $999 $400


Lotoo PAW Touch $3,199 $2,499 $700
Lotoo PAW Gold 2017 $1,999 $1,299 $700
Lotoo PAW 6000 $1,200 $1,049 $151
Oriolus BA300S JP Version $469 $389 $80


PWAudio 1950s $2,149 $1,599 $550
PWAudio 1960s $1,889 $1,399 $490
PWAudio Silver Gold (1% Gold) $462 $249 $213
PWAudio Initial $423 $199 $224
PWAudio No.5 (8W) $354 $279 $75
PWAudio No.5 $178 $139 $39
PWAudio Copper 28 V2 $87 $69 $18


qdc VX-S $2,299 $1,799 $500
qdc Fusion-S $800 $599 $201
qdc BTX Neptune $299 $199 $100
qdc Neptune $229 $209 $20
SendyAudio Aiva $599 $479 $120
SendyAudio Aiya $499 $249 $250
Asura Upgrade cable (7N-OCC) for AIVA 4 pin XLR (1.5m) $240 $199 $41
Asura Upgrade cable (7N-OCC) for AIVA (2.5mm plug) (1.5m) $240 $199 $41
Asura Upgrade cable (7N-OCC) for AIVA (4.4mm plug) (1.5m) $240 $199 $41
Shanling M5s $429 $259 $170
Shanling M2X $219 $189 $30
Shanling M0 $109 $99 $10
thebit OPUS#1S $399 $269 $130

Unique Melody

UM Mason V3+ (upgrade cable) $4,099 $3,279 $820
UM Mason V3+ (standard cable) $3,199 $2,559 $640
UM Mentor V3+ (upgrade cable) $3,499 $2,799 $700
UM Mentor V3+ (standard cable) $2,599 $2,079 $520
UM Mentor V3 $2,099 $1,799 $300
Unique Melody Maven $1,999 $1,399 $600
Unique Melody Mirage $1,099 $699 $400
3DD-Ti $1,099 $699 $400

Effect Audio

Effect Audio

Effect Audio are keeping it clean, simple but incredibly tempting with a laddered level of discounts across their key cable series. The discounts are as follows:

  • All Premium Series Cables 20%,
  • All Heritage Series cables 20%,
  • All Hall of Fame series cables 15%

Via their Euphoria Audio Store, they are also offering up to 25% discount on the full range of “Empire Ears” Universal In-ears. Limited stocks available only and you will have to email them or contact them via their FB Page for more information on how to grab one.

Now move quickly if you are interested because these deals are for one day only, Black Friday 29th Nov 2019.


Purveyors of all things “chifi” definitely have a large sale happening this year but the deals are more complex than simple discounts so read carefully. The deals go from Black Friday to Cyber Monday only and they are as follows:

Buy Gift Card Now* and use it during Black Friday & Cyber Monday**.

  • $100 value gift cards at only $50 (Limited to 20 orders; limit only 1 per customer)
  • $20 value gift cards at only $15 (Limit only 1 per customer)

*Purchase available until Nov. 28, 23:59 (UTC +08:00)
**The gift card value can only be used during Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Linsoul Special Set Deals*

  • Set One, Linsoul’s Best Seller Package at $49
    Includes: BLON BL03 + Tripowin C8 + TINHIFI Blue Foam Tips
  • Set Two, Linsoul’s Entry Package at $49
    Includes: TINHIFI T2 + Linsoul HC08 + Spinfit CP100 M Ear Tips
  • Set Three, Linsoul’s Fan Pick Package at $99
    Includes: Shuoer H27 + Tripowin Zonnie + Spinfit CP360 Ear Tips
  • Set Four, Linsoul’s Top Pick Package at $299
    Includes: Thieaudio Phantom Headphone + PowerDAC
  • Set Five, Linsoul’s Ultimate Package at $349
    Includes: BLON B20 Headphone + Little Bear
  • Set Six, Linsoul’s Best-Over-$100 Package at $119
    Includes Shuoer Tape + PowerDAC
  • Set Seven, Linsoul’s Audiophile Package at $489
    Includes Fearless S8F + Tripowin C8 0.78 2 pin cable
  • Set Eight, Linsoul’s Best Planar IEM Package at $149
    Includes TIN HIFI P1 + PowerDAC
  • Set Nine, Linsoul’s Staff Pick Package at $149
    Includes Shozy form 1.1+ Cozoy TAKT C
  • Set Ten, Linsoul’s KZ Package at $49
    Includes KZ ZS10 PRO + Tripowin C8 QDC 3.5 cable


  • *Available only during the Black Friday-Cyber Monday Weekend
  • Get products at the Black Deal Price, up to 70% Off the retail price*.
  • *Only on select items. Prices marked with a discounted price.



HiFiGo has a huge selection of gear for sale this Black Friday and Cyber Weekend. brands included are FiiO, Topping, SMSL, Shanling, iBasso and BLON to name but a few. Example deals include:

  • $80 off the Topping DX70 Pro
  • $70 off the SMSL VMV P1
  • $30 off the SMSL M500
  • $20 off the new FiiO EH3NC
  • $10 off the FiiO M5

The sale lasts from 0:00 28th Nov 2019 to Dec 2nd, 2019, midnight Pacific time.

Noble Audio

Noble Audio

Noble is celebrating Black Friday with a huge site-wide sale with  20% off UIEMS* & 15% off CIEMS**. That includes the likes of the Katana, Savant II, and even their brand new Tux 5 and M3.

Their sale starts on 29th November at 12:00 am CTS and ends on the 1st December 2019 at 23:59 pm CTS.




Hifiman always does some amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and 2019 is no exception. Brilliant headphones such as the Ananda are down to $699 and their TWS600 will be only $99 for this limited period. The Jade II system will have 32% off also, down to $1700 for the amp and headphones.



For beyerdynamic fans residing in Germany, these deals are for you. Sorry everyone else, Germany only for this one.

If you happen to reside in Germany well you in luck because beyerdynamic is offering an enormous range of Black Friday sales. The list is as long as a really long thing going to a very long party in a rather long dress so get your wallet ready, it is that long.

There are a lot of products on sales this year and the BLACK FRIDAY promo runs from Sunday, November 24th until Sunday 1st December so it is happening now. There are a lot of highlights with savings up to 60% off RRP. You also get a free Beat BYRD Black Edition with orders of €149 and more.

Following this, there will be the beyerdynamic CYBER MONDAY deals until 8th December including more savings and a different free gift when your total purchase value will be higher than €149.

Start shopping now right here.



HiBy are doing some good deals via their Amazon Store network and direct from their online store so the links above should gently guide you. Watch out for the Black Friday yellow tag to spot the discounts on Amazon for HiBy products.

HiBy 2019

Deals such as the HiBy R6 Pro for $529 and the HiBy R5 for $355 should be tempting enough.

Lear Audio

Hong Kong custom and universal IEM manufacturers are keeping it simple but effective this year and there is no regional restriction on this one.

Lear Black Friday

What is on Offer?

For the entire weekend (Nov 28th to Dec 2nd HK time) they will give you 15% off any order you make from their website. All you need to do is enter the coupon code BFsale at the checkout and it will automatically apply the discount.

Campfire Audio / ALO Audio

ALO Audio Deals Website

Campfire Audio

Campfire and ALO are leveraging a specific Black Friday promo under their Warehouse Deals banner this year. And they do have some excellent deals on Campfire Gear and cables.

It generally flies under the radar for most shoppers and it is well worth a visit with B-Stock items like the Solaris going for $1099 and the Atlas for just $749. Not just Campfire gear also but cables from their ALO range at up to $200 off such as the ALO Audio Reference 8 IEM Cable which you can currently get for just $99.

Audio Art

Audio Art

Audio Art Cable has a HUGE Black Friday Site-Wide Sale and it is happening now with the following offers available:

  • Get 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, and even 50% off every cable in their store, plus FREE domestic shipping when you use the code BLACK at checkout.
  • Special International Shipping at $30 FLAT RATE for your entire cart!

Upgrade the sound of your system and save as much as 50% off all Audio Art Cable models.

Click on Page 2 below for more deals for Black Friday & Cyber Weekend

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