AAW Nebula One

AAW Nebula One Review

The AAW Nebula One is a single ultra-thin layer titanium-plated dynamic driver IEM pitched for first-time upgraders. It is priced at SG$188. Disclaimer: The AAW Nebula One sent to us is a sample in exchange fo...
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The Talos By Cascadia Audio

The T50RP, perhaps the most modded planar headphone in the history of modding. People have gone beyond modding now and created businesses behind them like ZMF, Enigma, and MrSpeakers. Dan's team have gone from ...
Canjam Europe 2016

CanJam Europe 2016 – Sept 24-25th

Headfonics is now an official media partner for CanJam Europe 2016! We will have our guy on the ground running around trying lots of headphones, desktop and portable media this September in Essen, Germany with ...

The M5 DAP By Shanling

ESS Sabre was THE DAC of 2014-2015 for quite a lot of audiophile gear makers from DAPs to desktops. However, this chip series can be a nightmare to work with and if not properly filtered and implemented the res...

The Indulgence Show 2016

With just slightly less than two months to go until the start of The Indulgence Show, a major new audio and lifestyle event taking place at the Novotel Conference Centre in Hammersmith, 90 brands from the hi-fi...
Audio Sanctuary

Audio Sanctuary – The UK Launch

Phil Wannell and I have been mates for a while now and he has been a strong supporter of Headfonics for a few years under his previous brand, Custom Cables. Times change though and this week Phil and his hard w...
FSM-02 V2

Lear FSM-02 V2 Review

Disclaimer: The Lear FSM-02 V2 sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Lear Audio for giving us this opportunity. To read more about Lear products we reviewed previou...
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The EM3 By FiiO

Ok so remember that "throwaway" earbud with the excellent budget FiiO M3 DAP I paid not too much attention to in the M3 review? Well its back as a FiiO product in its own right, well sort of. With some upgrades...
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The Zero IEM By Shozy

The Shozy rep and I share a love for photography regardless of how bad or good we are. Mine started when our son was born and capturing those moments when he grew up. He is hitting 7 this month and we grabbed a...

NuPrime DAC-9 Review

The NuPrime DAC-9 is a brand new mid-sized desktop pure DAC designed to fit in with the NuPrime HPA-9 as a single combo system. It is priced at $749. Disclaimer: The NuPrime DAC-9 sent to us is a sample in exc...