The Audeze Mobius is a premium high-end, fully immersive 3D cinematic audio and head tracking-enabled headphone designed specifically for gamers. It is priced at $399.

Disclaimer: The Audeze Mobius sent to us is a sample in exchange for our honest opinion. We thank the team at Audeze for giving us this opportunity.

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I’ve been a long time fan of Audeze, from inception to the current stardate. I don’t see that changing any time soon. From the original LCD-2 and onward to the latest Mobius release here, I’ve stood behind them as one of the best new-age audio product companies in existence.

A big thank you to team Audeze for sending me a sample of the Mobius for this review, very appreciated. Let’s walk the plank and dive in, we don’t have time to waste here when I could be gaming with the Mobius and also dictating this review.

Audeze Mobius

The Design

The headphone has a shape that I wish would be more conforming to the human head, something Beyerdynamic DT-series-ish. But, that is just me. The headphone is a bit heavy at 390g but more than comfortable enough to wear for extending gaming sessions.

For those unaware, I am a former competitive FPS and Tekken/Street Fighter tournament player. I demand excellence when I play for hours and very few sets out there are not only of a high enough fidelity for me as an audiophile, but also comfortable enough to be used for those hours without any fatigue.

Team Audeze delivers. Despite a little pressure on the top of my head, it is a relatively low-level annoyance and nothing at all into the realm of being uncomfortable. The headphone’s headband is twist-friendly and will more than likely survive a lot of abuse in that regard.

The clamp factor is excellent, just right for me and something that I find to be moderate in caliper pressure. I don’t want a very light experience, I want them snug, but not painfully so. That is a hard medium to find and I think they did well. At least, subjectively, for my head.

Audeze Mobius


Being fully over the ear in design helps a lot with that, so too, do the Gel-pad options that cost a bit extra. I find them more supple and snug fitting than the stock pads. However, the stock pads are softer and more useful for long gaming sessions. Both of them get warm over the course of an hour or two, but not terribly so.

Sadly, no velour options. Audeze is lacking here, the reason I mention this is because the Mobius is not defined by low-end quantity. Meaning, it isn’t a bassy sounding headphone. So I don’t see a need for a complete seal around the ear that leatherette pads usually offer.

I’d love an immensely soft and breathing material, such as velour, for this headphone. The Gel pads are super high quality, don’t get me wrong, I enjoy them a lot. But, I’d much rather just have the stock pads and optional velours. I’ll get into why this is a thing for me, subjectively, in the FPS gaming section below.

Audeze Mobius

Mic Quality

So, if you want to, you can take calls with various VoIP needs and I just need to take a second to thank Audeze for referencing step by step guides on their website for nearly everything you’ll need for setup of the Mobius.

All of the configuration requirements are listed on their website in vivid detail. A great damned job there Audeze! Hardly anyone does that. Moving on.

The Mic quality is just okay. I wouldn’t call it good. For the price, it sounds a bit better than a Zalman microphone and nowhere near my Yeti, of course. But, for gaming online? Nobody is going to care unless they are another Mobius or “good headphone user”.

Odds are good the competition is using trash “gaming headphones” with bad quality to begin with, from your pick of any given “gaming headphone company”. Audeze puts them all to shame with this Mobius, so let us just get that out the way as well and tell it like it is.

You will hear bad mic quality from other players online and through calls, made worse by the Mobius’s ability to relay fidelity much more accurately than said “gaming headphone” will. That means the bad quality mics out there will sound more awful than usual.

Pop Filter

They’ve also just recently started shipping the mic’s included with a pop filter. Originally, mine did not have one. The pop filter enhances the quality of the low-end presence by a small degree.

Beyond that, I don’t find it too much of an intrusion on the experience without it. I certainly prefer using it. I notice the low end is pronounced a little more on my own recordings, as well as treble seemingly, at least to my ear, less peaky.

Audeze Mobius

Your Teammates Mics Suck and it’s not the Mobius’s Fault

This has nothing to do with anything but the simple fact that great headphones will showcase bad recordings and audio quality in a way that isn’t exactly enjoyable.

For example, I use the famed ATH AD700 for FPS gaming and you almost don’t hear any low end at all. Voices are tinny. Gaming sounds are always lacking low end on that headphone. However, those same sounds through the Mobius, coming to you from other players, is going to feel more weighted and solid when that player’s mic quality is excellent. When it is not, it is not an enjoyable experience.

It is made more tolerable by some headphones that I wouldn’t call accurate, headphones that greatly exaggerate low end and add a lot to it, such as my JVC SZ2000’s. This would be fixed and more enjoyable if Audeze can deliver more low-end to the standard experience while gaming.

Some of that high pitched nonsense coming from other players is broadcasted to you, through the excellent sounding Mobius, in its full unearthly awful quality from beginning to end. And hours of it. This is why I tend to use very bass heavy headphones for games online that do not require much pinpoint accuracy.

I still play Borderlands 2 often and I’d prefer to use the Mobius than my SZ2000 for a game like that. Any single player experience shines like no tomorrow on the Mobius too. The Mobius has different modes that you can activate via a click wheel on the left earcup. I prefer the warmest setting nearly at all times, which bumps the low end just a bit and tames icy tendency in shooter games when there is a lot of gunfire. It makes the experience a bit more smooth and enjoyable.

Modes and functionality

The Mobius defaults in 7.1 and can be set to a 2 channel setting via pressing the mic button for three seconds, which opens up 2 channel and high res mode.

  • The 7.1 mode – Maxes at 24/48khz and will show inside your USB host as an 8 channel sound card. Great for supported movies and media.
  • The 2 channel mode – Maxes at 16/48khz. Lovely for Podcasts and YouTube in general.
  • High Res mode – Maxes at 24/96khz, which will auto-disable surround sound capabilities. This is for Audiophiles and music listening, IMO.


Bluetooth has a dedicated button which will pair to whichever device is broadcasting. The experience is, to say the very least, immaculate for a headphone. This is, without a doubt, the best BT sound on the market and it puts to utter shame the rest of the lot. I simply don’t have a single Bluetooth headphone that even comes close to the sound quality offered.

3D Button

The 3D button is located on the front-facing left earcup side of the Mobius. This feature, powered by Waves Nx software, has two settings, Auto and Manual tracking. This experience is so very odd. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I really hate it.

It will simulate a speaker setup in front of you, however, that is where things get really funky. This tech will auto locate the direction you are looking and if in manual mode, it will keep that direction where the speakers are broadcasting from to the earcup virtually. Meaning, look at your monitor and turn it on Manual and you will only hear either 7.1, 5.1 or 2.0 while looking at that monitor (or any direction specifically you start the function with).

From there, look to the right and all of the audio will flow seamlessly to the left earcup…as if the monitor itself were emitting the audio. And vice versa. Tilt your head up or down and the same attempt is made to flow the audio from the original source direction.

Auto Mode

In auto mode, the 3D effect will originate from X direction while you activate it, and then slowly flow to whichever direction move your head to. This means if you look south, for example, and activate auto 3D, the audio flows from that direction until you look eastward.

While you do that, the audio will shift as if it is only coming from that one direction and then slowly creep into whichever direction your head is currently facing. As if the speakers were on wheels and wheeled in front of you from another position. The experience is kind of awesome and vividly unique.

Audeze Mobius

The App

Audeze has included a user-controlled app to dictate all of the above functions and tailor things to your user preferences. Play with it and see what you come up with. You don’t have to press physical buttons to do some actions with the headphone while on your PC. You can use the software to enable and disable features on the fly as needed.

I don’t want to get too into this, because the routing of all the specifications for these apps is beyond absurdly open and suited to ease of use. It speaks for itself. If you want manual app-based control, download the app and link it to your Mobius. It is super easy and great if you like swapping sounds and looking to refine the 3D functions to your preferences. I could write.a manual on just this section alone but thankfully Audeze has a guide for it all on their website.

Audeze Mobius

The Box

Audeze made sure to include a solid little box here for the Mobius, great fabric interiors with lots of cushioning. Yay.

Odds are good you won’t be playing with the box, though, so I am glad they didn’t go overboard here. They’ve tossed in some serious manuals, and I mean serious. These are the best quality material manuals I’ve ever seen for a midtier headphone. They are supremely heavy and dense feeling.

Wow, Audeze cares about the functionality of the Mobius, no doubt about it. There are a bunch of functions available with this headphone, each of them was detailed in these booklets.

The Presentation – Accessories and 3.5mm Goodness

For an extra $24, you can grab yourself an official Mobius headphone stand (sorry, I didn’t get one, so I can’t say anything about it really) which brandishes the name of the headphone on its base.

Beyond that, you can also purchase a hard carrying case, or new Gel based replacement pads, both for $39 each.

Thank the audio deities that Audeze opted for a normal 3.5mm connection into the earcup. I cannot thank you enough for this, seriously. From the bottom of my heart. I can use some custom cables on this, so long as the termination heads are relatively thin.

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6 Responses

  1. John

    Hi Michael,

    Great article. Am using it to try and make a decision on a new set of cans. Apologies for blowing the dust off on this old article. I’m looking for a premium pair of headphones for PC gaming and came across your article while doing some research. Currently I have the ATH-M50X. I plug those into a Yamaha MG10XU Mixer and control my volume and highs/lows using the mixer. Like you, I am a 3.5mm guy and was happy to see that they did include a 3.5mm on the headset. Can you tell me if there are any limitations on the headphones themselves when using 3.5 instead of USB? Does 5.1 or 7.1 not come across when using 3.5mm? Considering my setup, should I purchase a set of headphones of this quality, am I loosing any sound quality by going headphones into mixer? Not really initerested in the other features allowed through the software. I’m really looking to upgrade and invest in a premium set and upgrade from my current cans. Thanks in advance for any advice or suggestions you provide.

  2. Matt

    What bugs me is the lack of directional accuracy. But, then again, I can’t really complain because Razer, Logitech, Astro, etc have a headphone with great omnidirectional accuracy. And the Mobius still does a better job than they do in that department.

    • Matt

      Meant to comment there, I find your message confusing. Is it good or bad? I saw your other comment reply saying it only applies to gaming though. I also wonder if this is due to the HRTF adjustment or just being used to gaming with other headphones. I also found your description of imaging unclear.

  3. Marco

    Hi Marcus, great review especially about sound performance. I’d like to ask a couple of questions…
    Considering the poor directional accuracy of the Mobius, would you discourage its purchase to a big fan of binaural recordings like me ?
    In wired mode, will the internal amp be working anyway ?
    Thanks for let me know.

    • Michael

      Hi. Marcus didn’t write this review, I did :)

      The poor directional positioning is only in reference to gaming. For musical enjoyment it wont really be a problem, at least not in my opinion.

      Yes, the internal power needs to be charged to be used in wired mode as well.

    • Michael

      Hi Marco, please forgive me for the absurd delay. I just did not see this comment until just now. S I will never discourage listening to anything on any device, absolutely not. Listen away! Binaural will sound better on the Mobius than normal music will, so enjoy the hell out of it I say!!! But, it is not the best option in that price range for imaging. For the $300ish closed back range? I’d be going for an RBH HP2, Fostex TH6xx, Audeze Mobius, Sony XB1000 used, Sony MDR Z7, Classic Mr. Speakers Alpha Dog.

      Beyond that, I can’t really think of mid tier closed backs that do well with binaural recordings. The Mobius is a great headphone, absolutely top tier in fidelity. The imaging is just good though.

      I think the internal amp only functions when plugged in via the USB cable mode. It receives and requires power via 3.5mm. But, I don’t think the amp does anything for the mobius via driving power in the same way it will use the internal components when plugged into the USB. Id have to go ask and confirm that for you though.


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