I-Mego contacted me about a month and asked I would be interested in reviewing their Throne headphones and ZTone earphones and after having a close look I decided to take a gamble and try out the Throne Poison headphone. I passed on the Gold Throne, I simple do not play basketball, mix records or even remotely look bling enough to carry that look off. Not that the Throne Poison is not in every way a bling can but silver and purple is a bit more mature for me than gold.

I also picked the Poison version for the claim that it was the more balanced of the two being engineered apparently for vocals and acoustics over beats and electronica which is the purpose of the Gold version. The posted frequency charts suggested that the Poison would have a stronger or more forward mids performance for vocals than the Gold though both posted reasonably elevated bass responses to suggest this would still be quite a colored headphone.

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  • 24bit

    Saw the caption photo, thought it was a microphone review. Seems pretty interesting, never heard of this company before. Looks promising.

    • headfonics

      I have their ZTone IEM to review in a few weeks also.