The Tiësto Range by AKG

Someone at AKG is going to get a Christmas card from me this year, that’s for sure. It has been a very long time since I’ve actually enjoyed a portable closed back headphone this much. Well done, AKG. Well done, indeed. I don’t want to bore you with specification details in the beginning of this review, so I will start off with the Conclusion first on the K-267, K-67 and K-167 Tiësto headphone range. That is just how I roll. #likeaboss

The End Credits

I am genuinely impressed by the K-267 as well as the K-67. While I found the K-167 to be the weak link in the chain, it’s siblings seem to offer good value and clarity for such a price. Exceptionally smooth and unique sounding, unlike any portable headphones I’ve heard in many years, the K-267 appeared out of the shadows like a Ninja and silently took it’s place at the top of my list of what I feel to be one of the best portable headphones sub $300.


I am burdened with looming sadness over the fact that these headphones are going to be overlooked by the majority due to a dreadful history of Artist Branded Headphones in the past. These headphones were tuned and designed by someone who actually worked as a DJ or studio engineer. I applaud that designer. Thank you, sir or madame.

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