The Tiësto Range by AKG

Final Words

I am seriously impressed with the K-67 and the K-267, both offer in my opinion the best sound for the price in their respected pricing tiers. Highly engaging, smart design on the fit, decent build quality and one of the best mid range experiences you can get for the money? Not bad, AKG. I cringe at the thought of audio enthusiasts skipping the K-267 due to the epic failure of all artist branded headphones in the past. I feel most would think this is just another rapper or gimmick headphone, when in fact it might be one of the best mid tier closed headphone I’ve ever owned.


The USA in general has no idea who Tiesto is and I think this headphone was aimed at the Euro market, he seems big there but almost unknown here in the states. My advice to AKG for future headphones similar to this is to offer a portable cable and nicer earpads. I’d also work on the house sound signature as well and try to offer less of a sheen flavoring and instead opt for a more natural approach like the Sony MA-900 or something like that.

KEF seems to have achieved that with their M500, so I hope AKG takes a listen to that model and improves their future portables. DJ’s and studio engineers need a natural sound type. Just my two cents, the K-67 and the K-267 are great headphones. The K-167 however was just not for me, despite that I think AKG has done a bloody brilliant job with them and I am beyond excited to see what AKG will bring to us in the future.

Great job, AKG. The K-267 is bar none my favorite portable closed headphone under $350.

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