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The Momentum On Ear From Sennheiser

Looks and build

There is a lot to be said about the on-ear physically and with the whole presentation in general. In a nutshell it is a classy package, really great quality materials though obviously not on par with its bigger more expensive Momentum sibling. Consider it a mini Momentum of sorts. The suede type molded hard case of the bigger brother is replaced by a cheaper nylon soft zip case with another internal soft cloth pouch. Quite why the double carry bag solution I am not sure but it is well made and feels durable. The Momentum On Ear is a single sided detachable cable design with a choice of two cables – igadget flavor with microphone and controls and audiophile component free straight wire. Naturally I picked the straight wire for this review. It does not come packed with any quarter jack or other adapters for larger desktop inputs so you will have to find your own. It also has a very normal looking 3.5mm connector unlike the fancy swivel connector on the larger Momentum.

I received the “Ivory” version of the On Ear for this review. It does come in a range of colors but the brown fetish guy in me just loves the retro ivory shell and brown alcantara cloth headband and ear pads. I really hope this ‘alcantara for earpads’ takes off with other suppliers because they are supremely comfy and maybe even more so than the leather variant found on the senior Momentum version. The alcantara on ear doesn’t quite provide a great a seal as some other variants like the V-Moda M-100 but the comfort and non-sweat factor is excellent as well as the general overall balance of the headphones over my head.


I have to admit this is one of the best looking on ear headphones I have seen since the TMA-1 and the Marshall Monitor. Yeah V-Moda has that whole vamp vibe going on and its very distinct but the on ear (particularly in Ivory) just feels a grade higher visually and very much retail shelf eye candy of the highest order. I do not think you need to baby it though despite the plastic cup finish. It is reasonably flexible and lightweight with few moving parts though not as shock proof as the HD25-1 II or the TMA-1 but as a consumer can you can have no quibbles about the On Ear’s build quality.

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