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Lead Pic

The Bushmaster MKII DAC by Beresford

Other relevant pieces of information

1) When only using the DAC section of the MKII the, it brings the same level of detail and same non fatiguing quality to the sound as long as the amp is not serving as a bottleneck in the chain or drastically altering the sound.

2) My frame of reference in evaluating gear may be more limited than that of other reviewers on the site. The list of DACs and AMPs that I’ve heard is as follows: Beresford Bushmaster MKII, Temple Audio Bantam Gold, O2, Little Dot I+, Project Sunrise II, Project Ember, Schiit Magni, FIIO E9, FIIO E7, ODAC, Peachtree Nova125. Outside of maybe the Nova (which I didn’t have the ability to have an extended listening session with), the MKII is the best piece of gear that I have owned especially when paired with the Bantam to drive the HE-6.

3) The noise floor on the MKII is the lowest that I’ve heard in any product — when silence exists, it is absolutely silent. The reason for this is a virtual DC power circuit which in essence functions like a battery so that the external power supply never directly powers the MKII. In addition, the power supply design allows for increased current headroom which is the reason for the fantastic bass and smooth treble.


Technical Specifications

Auto/Manual input channel selection
LED sleep mode during play to prevent LED noise interference.
New generation 25MHz TOSLINK input sockets for even better optical performance
Signal purity and continuity indication.
Increased headroom and dynamic range
Extremely low noise floor for accurate 24/192 playback
3D soundstage and imaging
Straight wire design approach


2 x S/PDIF


2x (L+R PHONO sockets)
Power supply requirement11.5 to 15Volts DC
Operation modes Auto/Manual
Headphone output impedance 25 to 300 Ohms
Line out minimum impedance 1 K Ohms
Line Out Voltage 2Vrms
Housing Full metal body
Colour Black or Aluminum fascia


180mm wide, 50mm high, 140mm deep
Packed Weight 1.5Kg

Price: $210

Links: http://www.beresford.me/products/TC-7533.html