Campfire Audio Cascade
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Campfire Audio Cascade Review

Disclaimer: The Cascade sent to us for the purpose of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned to Campfire Audio. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. Well, they have gone and done it. Campfire Audio has made a headphone at last. To be h...
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The RockMaster Live By Encore

The portable headphone market seems to fluctuate with bargain deals quite often.  There have been entire years where nothing was released that was easy on the wallet, but that was also worth it in sound quality offered. Last year, I got to review the Encore R...
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The New York By Master Art Of Sounds (MAS)

Master Art of Sounds (MAS, for short) are a Taiwanese company newcomer to the audio stadium who have just introduced their $150 New York on-ear headphone and $80 optional Bluetooth adapter called the Duo. The portable market seems stuck at the moment and absen...
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The M400 By KEF

Following the M500, KEF released the M400 on-ear headphones last year. They are smaller and cheaper. It's about time we took a closer look to find out if the face-lifted M400 are more than a fashion headphone. Packaging KEF definitely knows how to do the p...

The Maze Portable Headphone by I-MEGO

Late last year I came into contact with a Texan company called, I-MEGO and their brand new range of headphones called The Throne. I remember during the review that I felt the Throne was a bit of a niche design with a fairly generic but non-offensive consumer t...