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The UDP-205 By Oppo

There truly is no doubting that Oppo's recent investments and promises had cleaved the HiFi world in twain. Not long ago, they released the HA-1 DAC and Amp combo, which by rights was an incredible machine, as well as something I personally loved to pieces. N...
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The Sonica DAC By Oppo

It is next to impossible to find a source desktop or even portable unit with a Sabre ES9038PRO DAC chip inside right now for less than $1000. There are a few reasons for that. The price of the chip is still very high at approx $75 per unit, though volume orde...
Oppo PM-3
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The PM-3 Planar Headphone by Oppo

This review has been cooking a while, it is tardy but no less relevant and it's the first out and out PM range planar headphone review I have done despite owning all 3 (thanks to Kyle and Mike for previous reviews). I have been dying to write a bit more about ...
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The HA-2 DAC by Oppo

For the last year Oppo have blown away the market perception that planar headphones are really cumbersome heavy rocks on our head that sound great but need a nuclear plant to drive them. The PM-1, PM-2 and the now released PM-3 closed planar have all got a tra...
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The HA-1 by Oppo

Oppo's recent achievement in the audio universe has not gone unnoticed. I am almost certain they've made most other audio brands duck and run for cover, give up their lunch money and require a hall monitor to escort them safely to and from the restroom. These ...

The PM-1 Planar headphone by Oppo

I recall drooling uncontrollably at my desk back in 2013 when the images of Oppo's new Planar headphone were first released. Such a sleek and attractive design simply was too tantalizing for me to resist. That elegant metallic framework and jet black mesh made...