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The A73 IEM By Fidue

Fidue have started to get rather prolific in the IEM market over the last year or two and from the A83 downwards I have seen at least 4 to 5 new models come out all with specific target markets in mind from treble heads to bass heads to something in between. T...
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The Dual Dynamic A71 IEM by Fidue

This is a dual review with Smit and I as we both received samples from Fidue at the same time. Smit's comments are in Italics and mine are in regular font. We last reviewed the Fidue A83 in August 2014 which was their flagship hybrid IEM priced at $350 and I ...
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The A31s IEM by Fidue

What with the increased mobility in present-day lifestyle, headphones have gained a heretofore unheard of popularity. From the commuters in public transport to jetsetters in airport lounges to passengers aboard flights, consumers aren’t short on choices. While...