Audeze LCD-MX4
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Audeze LCD-MX4 Review

Disclaimer: The Audeze LCD-MX sent to us for the purposes of this review is a loan sample and will be returned after this review. Thank you to Audeze for giving us this opportunity. Summit-Fi has experienced a boom in population over the past few years. I've...
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The iSINE 10 By Audeze

CanJam Singapore 2017 was when I finally got to hear the iSINE range for the first time and to be honest, even with a noisy environment I knew it had a little something that was 'oh so easy' on the ear. It is a pity I do not have an iSINE 20 to compare with, ...

The LCD-XC Closed Planar by Audeze

About a year ago, Audeze released two new headphones in their lineup: The X ($1,699) and the XC ($1,799) to complement and fill a void between their previous generation models that included the LCD2/LCD3, and beyond. I will admit, that I am not a fan of the Au...
Audeze Lcd 21

Audeze LCD2 – One of the best?

I've always been a fan of orthos ever since I had my Hifiman HE-5LE. It was almost the perfect headphones for me but I just can't seem to get over the sibilance issue. And I thought Hifiman was able to solve that as soon as the 2nd generation Hifiman came out....

Ken Jam Philippines 2010

  What initially was supposed to be a just a coffee shop shootout of the Hifiman HM602 and the Teclast T51 turned out to be the biggest meet of 2010!  With Philippines most renowned headfier and can collector Uncle Ken on board, the gears that graced t...
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Audeze LCD-2 Launched

Audez’e is proud to introduce the LCD-2s designed for Recording / Mixing Engineers as reference headphones and the audiophiles and music enthusiasts. The LCD-2s are in production and will start shipping to customers on May 10th. We are in the process of conta...