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SIMGOT EA2000 Review

Today, Nihal reviews the SIMGOT EA2000 Boson, which is a flagship universal IEM featuring a 12mm dual magnetic circuit dynamic driver. It is priced at $319.99.

Disclaimer: This sample was sent to me in exchange for my honest opinion. Headfonics is an independent website with no affiliate links or services. I thank the team at Linsoul and SIMGOT for giving me this opportunity.

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SIMGOT EA2000 Review featured image
SIMGOT EA2000 Review
The Simgot EA2000 Boson's design and refined tuning, make this single dynamic driver universal IEM stand out in a competitively priced segment. However, with the introduction of the EA1000, which has supposedly improved the performance over the EA2000, the latter’s position is questionable.
Sound Quality
Comfort & Isolation
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Wide soundstage; good resolution and imaging
Artistic design, robust build quality
Interchangeable cable jacks
Bass lacks impact
Changing plug is troublesome
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Simgot has been quite busy lately. They have been offering some really good budget IEMs that are making waves in the market.

The Simgot EA2000 Boson was released after the well-received Simgot EA500. The EA500 established a benchmark in the sub $100 price range by delivering great value for performance.

The EA2000 is a flagship IEM from the brand, and at nearly $300, it caters to a higher price segment than the earlier releases. These IEMs feature advanced technology and deliver a very premium user experience.

SIMGOT EA2000 nozzles

Tech Highlights

The EA2000 features a 12mm dynamic driver along with a passive radiator. The dynamic driver is a 5th generation driver, which is a dual-magnetic-circuit and a dual-cavity driver.

This dual-magnetic circuit provides a high magnetic flux compared to two single magnetic circuits. This further improves the dynamic range and transient capabilities of the IEMs.

The passive radiator, which complements the dynamic driver, vibrates with the movement (expansion and contraction) of the primary driver. This pushes some extra air, which helps in achieving more volume of bass and better bass depth.


Simgot, as always, has put a lot of effort into designing their IEMs. The EA2000 boasts a simplistic yet impressive design. The shells are crafted of aluminum alloy, exude a mirror-like finish, and feel highly durable.

The faceplate presents an elegant appearance, displaying a glossy finish with a subtle honeycomb pattern. The Simgot logo is embossed on the faceplates in a gold color, enhancing the aesthetic of the IEMs.

SIMGOT EA2000 ear tips

Comfort & Isolation

Even with the shells being on the larger side, they are not as heavy. The weight is distributed well over its body, so the shells do not feel chunky when put on.

They offer a comfortable fit and can be worn for extended periods without discomfort. The nozzle is ergonomically designed for easy insertion.

Notably, there is a large vent on the inner sides of the IEMs which is supposedly because of the passive radiator. There is also an additional tiny vent on the body.

These help minimize the pressure buildup inside the shells. Even in longer sessions, there is no pressure buildup issue. I also never noticed any driver flex on these IEMs.

The isolation is not as perfect, given the design, which features large vents. For me, the isolation is above average, and with the right ear tips, a considerable amount of the outside noise is blocked.

Ear tips

The ear tips offered with the EA2000 are very limited. Only two sets of identical ear tips, available in various sizes, are included with these IEMs. It would have been beneficial to include a wider range of ear tip options.

The tips are a medium bore and it’s worth noting that these ear tips do not provide good isolation. I also paired these IEMs with Azla SednaFit light ear tips and SpinFit W1 ear tips.

Both of these tips go well with these IEMs. The wide bore on Azla opens up the sound, and the isolation is a lot better than stock tips.

SIMGOT EA2000 stock cable and jacks

Stock Cable

The stock cable on the EA2000 is very different from what I have ever seen on any IEMs. It comes with a tunable adapter, which is quite a surprise. It is equipped with three different kinds of tuning plugs, namely:

  • N3A000 (3.5mm unbalanced)
  • C3A035 (3.5mm unbalanced) and
  • N4A000 (4.4mm balanced), which has the same tuning characteristics as the N3A000.

The addition of tuning adapters is a nice touch and adds versatility to the sound. However, the design of these adapters poses challenges in terms of ease of use. It requires considerable effort to plug and unplug them.

Please find more information on the tuning adapters in the sound section.

SIMGOT EA2000 accessories

Packaging & Accessories

Simgot has gone the extra length to provide a great unboxing experience. The generously sized box unfolds into two separate compartments, each very well organized to reveal a nice set of accessories.

Inside these compartments, along with the IEMs, users will find user manuals, two sets of ear tips, tuning plugs, and a compact carrying case housing the cable. Every item is thoughtfully arranged for secure storage and easy access.

The dark coffee color scheme runs consistently throughout, creating a visually striking contrast with the IEMs, case, and cable. The presentation exceeds expectations, particularly for IEMs in this price range.

The carry case, which is silver in color, has enough space to carry the IEMs. It has a few little slots to hold the cable adapters.

Sound Impressions

The following sound impressions of the Simgot EA2000 were completed using a mixture of my main source, Lotoo’s PAW Gold Touch, and occasionally Earmen Angel and the iPhone 14 Pro (with an Apple dongle). I paired the IEMs with stock cable and Azla SednaFit Light ear tips.

Tuning Adapters

As mentioned earlier, two types of tuning adapters come with the cable.

N3A000: The sound with the plug is balanced and leaner. The soundstage is marginally wide on this plug, and the IEMs sound more open. The upper-frequency extension is a tad better with this filter.

C3A035: The sound with this plug has less open sound, and the bass has more punch, but that’s very marginal. The treble can be considered better controlled on this filter.

These following impressions are with the N3A000 4.4mm balanced plug.


The bass on the EA2000 is more about quality than quantity. It has a good, rounded definition and a very good texture.

The bass quantity is lacking in nature even after the inclusion of a passive radiator, which is supposed to enhance the bass reproduction. The bass definition is lean, not something a bass lover would appreciate.

The bass is fast-paced, decays quickly, and does not have a reverberating or resonance-like effect. There is more body and presence for the midbass than the subbass. However, there is no muddiness in the bass and no bass-bleeding in the midrange region.

SIMGOT EA2000 paired with Lotoo PAW Touch Gold


The midrange on the EA2000 is about energy and aggression. However, there is a lack of body in the midrange, which takes away the richness. The mids sound thin, extra crisp, and dry occasionally. There is a lack of lushness and warmth in the midrange.

The lower mids are clean and transparent, and there is a good amount of detail too. The upper mids have some extra energy than usual and may come as harsh and sharp too.

Male vocals sound better, as female vocals can be sharp because of the extra thinness and energy in the upper mid-region.


The EA2000 has a bright profile. The higher frequency on the EA2000 is about energy and details. There is a good amount of air and a really good extension all the way. The thinness of the midrange is carried to the treble region too.

However, this type of treble may come across as hot and spicy for treble-sensitive people. They can find it sibilant and harsh. For people who enjoy treble, they will certainly find this treble quality exciting and enjoyable.

Staging & Dynamics

On the technical front, EA2000 is quite a sound and competent pair. The pronounced upper midrange and treble contribute to an expansive and airy sound signature on these IEMs.

The soundstage is fairly wide and has a decent depth to it. There is a touch of spaciousness in the sound, which spreads far and wide. The imaging is very precise and lifelike, allowing for an easy perception of the instrument’s positioning.

The instruments are well separated, and there is good layering and a non-overlapping nature when multiple instruments come into play. This adds to the better resolution of the sound on these IEMs.

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