IKKO Audio Gems OH1S
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IKKO Audio Gems OH1S Review

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BQEYZ Summer



The BQEYZ Summer is a tribrid driver universal IEM featuring a 13mm dynamic driver, a single BA, and a single piezoelectric driver. The Gems OH1S however only has 2 drivers: a single DD and 1 BA.


The overall design of both monitors is a bit contrasting with the Summer looking refreshing with the electric blue shell while the Gems looking mysterious with its play of textures and a grey and purple color combination.

Both IEMs have an ear-hook design with the Gems OH1S having an MMCX termination and the Summer with a 0.78 2-pin termination. The cable of the Gems is terminated with a 3.5mm straight jack while the Summer is terminated with a 2.5mm straight jack.

Even though the Gems OH1S have an overall smaller form factor, both monitors are lightweight and easy to wear. They are both comfortable with no significant difference in terms of usability.

BQEYZ Summer


Bass is more elevated in the Summer, although the Gems have slightly better control. The Gems OH1S has a noticeable faster attack and delay in the sub-bass, making each note clearer and more distinct, although the Summer does not fall far behind.

The midrange of the Gems OH1S and Summer are similar. Both have a clear and transparent presentation. However, the Summer has thicker and better-textured vocals than the Gems. The Gems’ tonality tends to be thin which made the Summer seem fuller and richer.

The Gems OH1S trumps the Summer in the treble region. Despite the piezo drivers found in the Summer that is known to extend the highs, the tuning of the Knowles BA driver on the Gems OH1S produced a better treble extension, with the airiness much more felt.

The Gems do have a wider soundstage, with the Summer feeling cramped at times. Both have good imaging, multiple instruments and vocals did not sound unidirectional and compressed, in fact, instruments are presented wherein they are distinct from each other.

Mangird MT4

Mangird MT4



The MT4 is a hybrid IEM equipped with 4 drivers, a German-made dynamic driver for the bass, a Balanced armature driver from Sonion for the midrange, and a Knowles Balanced Armature driver for the treble region. The Gems OH1S however only has 2 drivers, a carbon nano dynamic coil for the lows and a Knowles BA driver for the mids and highs.  


While the design is a personal preference, it is clear that the amount of detail in designing the Gems is superior to the MT4. The simple blue acrylic shell with a blue marble plate of the MT4 pales in comparison to the attractive mixed material of the Gems OH1S.

Sure, there would be people who argue that a simpler single color and material design is better, the Gems OH1S would still hands-down win in both simplicity and elegance.

Both IEMs have an ear-hook design with the Gems having an MMCX termination and the MT4 with a 0.78 2-pin termination. Both cables are terminated with a 3.5mm straight jack. Looks aside, the Gems OH1S are more comfortable and easier to carry around as it has a smaller form factor. Wearing the Gems is more seamless compared to the MT4s.


The Gems OH1S pale in comparison with the MT4 in terms of its bass response. The Mangird MT4 has a deeper and meatier rumble compared to the Gems. The rolled-off sub-bass in the Gems is greatly felt in comparison with the MT4.

They do however catch up in the mid-bass region as it compensates with its control and have a slightly faster attack and delay which makes notes more distinct.

The Gems OH1S do have a more forward midrange tuning, however, the MT4 has a thicker midrange region. This is felt when listening to both female and male vocals as female vocals sound much clearer and textured in the MT4.

The Mangird MT4 tuning felt dark compared to the better treble extension from the Gems OH1S. This is an airy presentation, emphasized by treble-heavy tracks.  

The soundstage of both are similar in terms of width and depth. The Gems OH1S do however feel a bit larger due to its airy tuning in the treble region. It felt wider and more spacious, compared to the MT4. The imaging of both monitors is above average and sound layering is prominent, with the sound coming in at multi-directions with enough separation.

FiiO FH3




The FiiO FH3 has a triple driver design with a 3-way configuration using one beryllium-coated dynamic driver for the lows, a single BA for the mids, and a single BA for the highs. The Gems OH1S, however, only has 2 drivers, a carbon nano dynamic coil for the lows and a Knowles BA driver for the mids and highs.


The FH3 shells are made of an aluminum-magnesium alloy that is corrosion-resistant. It has a classy blue hue that follows a similar distinct FiiO design pattern found in the FH5 and FH7. The Gems OH1S, on the other hand, has a triangular look with a mixed material design – a combination of resin and metal, which gives extra bling in terms of attractiveness.

Both IEMs have an ear-hook design with an MMCX termination. The cable on the FH3 does feel stiffer than the Gems OH1S. Both cables are terminated with a 3.5mm plug, with the Gems OH1S having a straight jack while the FH3 with an L-jack.

Fit is similar between the 2 monitors, with the Gems OH1S slightly being more comfortable. Because of the smaller form factor, wearing the Gems OH1S feels lighter than the FH3s.


It was expected that the FiiO FH3 would have an upper hand in the lows. Thanks to its beryllium cones, FH3 delivered a more powerful and controlled bass response. The Gems OH1S, unfortunately, paled in comparison with FH3’s deep rumbles and thumps.

FH3 has the more elevated midrange among the two monitors. Although the midrange of both monitors has a balanced lower and upper midrange, the presentation on the FH3 is thicker and richer, outshining the mids of the Gems OH1S.

The Gems do however outperform the FH3 in the treble region with better extension and an airier sound. This is more emphasized on tracks with cymbals as it is splashy, wherein FH3 sounded dull in comparison.

Both IEMs have good imaging, the sound is multidirectional, and have good separation, but the Gems OH1S do have a significantly noticeable wider soundstage. The FH3 sound is cramped at times which made the Gems OH1S feel refreshing and more detailed in comparison.

IKKO Audio Gems OH1S
Copyright IKKO Audio 2021

Our Verdict

The IKKO Gems OH1S is a decent contender at the sub $200 price range with its spacious soundstage and pleasant bright tuning.

This is a good pick for people looking for clarity and good treble extensions. At the current sale at $139 (until the end of September 2021), 30% off its original price of $199, IKKO Gems OH1S’ wide soundstage alone blows away the competition in the sub $150 price range.

However, with a $199 price tag, it seems to be a tougher choice compared to other IEMs with more packed drivers in the market.

IKKO Gems OH1S Specifications

  • Housing Resin + aviation grade metal alloy mix, with specially designed internal cavity to optimize sound volume, reflection, and diffusion angles.
  • Driver(s) 1 10mm deposited carbon nano dynamic coil driver + 1 Knowles 33518 Hybrid BA unit
  • Connector MMCX
  • Cable 127μm high-purity single crystal copper silver-plated cable, single-ended termination
  • Sensitivity 109 dB
  • Impedance 32 Ω
  • Frequency Range 20 – 40000 Hz

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