Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review

In this feature, we review the Effect Audio Cadmus 8W which is an 8-wire UP-OCC silver-plated copper Litz IEM aftermarket cable with ConX. It is priced at $299.

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Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review
Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review
The Effect Audio Cadmus 8W is a very good cable for those seeking to enhance the bass, mid-range and staging at a very reasonable price.
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Great cable quality and build
Impressive sub-bass and mid-bass coloration
Silver plating drives midrange clarity
Splitter is large and bulky
Treble impact is limited
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It was only a few months ago when we first published our original review of the Effect Audio Cadmus. Fast forward to today and here we are again with the second iteration of the cable but only this time in an 8-wire configuration.

The Effect Audio Cadmus 8W is still part of the Signature Series cables and sits alongside the Ares 8W and Eros S.

If there is one thing that I am sure of, is that each cable is unique. Effect Audio is really trying to hit it home with audiophiles by tailoring each cable to have its own performance and appeal.

The Cadmus 8W represents a unique spin on the original ‘second cable’ of the Signature Series. It aims to combine silver plating and copper properties to deliver enhanced bass and midrange.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review

Tech Highlights

Materials & Wire

The Cadmus 8W is an Ultra-Pure, OCC Silver-Plated, Copper Litz cable. The aim of the silver plating is to give the Cadmus 8W its bold mid-bass whilst adding heft and clarity to the midrange.

As the name suggests, the Cadmus 8W comes in an 8-wire, 24 AWG configuration. Within each wire, there are septuplet, multi-size bundles that are bunched together.

This means that each wire uses a 7-core Litz build where different thicknesses are used for each thread. Multi-sizing allows Effect Audio to build a Litz cable with different-sized wires, thinner ones for high frequencies and thicker ones for lower frequencies.

To finish, the Effect Audio UltraFlexi Insulation material, which essentially feels like a thick plastic coating, is used to cover the cable.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review


The Cadmus 8W has a simple and elegant design. It features a shiny, silver appearance reflecting the essence of its silver plating.

The inner jacket behind the clear PVC coating has a strand-like texture which gives the Cadmus 8W a textured and intricate finish.

 In relation to the braiding, each wire is woven evenly with sufficient tension across the cable. There are no uneven or unwanted gaps throughout the cable. With its 24 AWG gauging, the Cadmus feels like a robust cable that is surprisingly flexible and well-designed.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review


The Cadmus 8W is finished with a selenite grey termination, cable slider, and connectors which are made of polished and brushed aluminum. The grey coupled with the silver color of the cable bodes well with the overall cable which exudes a level of elegance and simplicity.

The plug is made of rhodium-plated brass and comes in 2.5mm, 3.5mm, or 4.4mm variations. The splitter and cable slider are made from brushed aluminum material which is like the plug case however the splitter also has a black forged carbon fiber plate on the back and front sides.

The splitter also has a peculiar shape in the sense that it is a barrel, topped with a square which then splits out into a hexagonal base. This means that the barrel is quite large and could have been a few millimeters less in diameter.

The connectors or ConX shell is made of anodized aluminum whereas the actual ConX connector is finished with a gold-colored ring leading to the 2-pin interface giving it a distinct yet classy finish.

Effect Audio’s ConX technology allows you to change the connector to suit your IEM, for example, a 2-pin to MMCX. This makes the Cadmus 8W very versatile as it allows you to pair the cable with all the IEMs in your collection.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review

Comfort on the Ear

The Cadmus 8W feels lightweight and is very ergonomic, especially for an 8-wire cable. Effect Audio’s UltraFlexi Insulation really works wonders here as it is able to create a truly flexible cable material that sits comfortably on top of the ear.

The ear hooks are finished with a translucent, PVC coating. Whilst using it with and without glasses, the cable did not present any discomfort and was barely noticeable at times.

The large splitter is lightweight, allowing the cable to drop with sufficient tension, and does not create unwanted cable tugging and discomfort during use. During testing, there were no issues related to microphonics or cable noise originating from the cable.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review

Packaging & Accessories

The packaging and accessories of the Cadmus 8W come in a black, rectangular box that is coated with a thread-like texture.

 On the front of the box, Cadmus who was one of the first Greek heroes, has his face with a copper and silver appearance representing the cable’s silver-plated copper configuration.

Inside the box, there are 2 booklets: one describing the Signature Series as a whole and the other focusing on the Cadmus 8W cable itself. In addition, Effect Audio includes a black carrying case and leather cable strap.

The carrying case is known as a “chamber-ready cloth pouch” which is made from a thick polyester material. The pouch has a small opening at the top where you attach the cable strap to the button. This is a very smart design as it allows the cable strap to have a dual-purpose use case; to strap the cable itself or provide closure to the carrying case.

However, with an 8-wire cable, I found that the cable “only just” fits into the case. This means that the carrying case will not have enough room to fit both the cable and IEMs.

Effect Audio Cadmus 8W Review

Performance Impressions


The Cadmus 8W follows the legacy of most copper cables and focuses on coloring the bass and mid-range frequencies.

In particular, the Cadmus 8W is a good cable if you are looking to add rumble and slam to the sub and mid-bass whilst bringing more volume and thickness to the mid-range. The end result is an overall engaging sound that definitely brings in the “fun factor”.


The Cadmus 8W has a strong tendency towards the bass and lower mid-range. The Cadmus 8W colors the mid-bass by increasing its quantity and slam. Mid-bass notes are audibly more forward and noticeable thus creating more reverb and slower decay.

The Cadmus 8W does not significantly change the mid-bass texture although it is produced at a high level of quality. As a result, the mid-bass is bold, controlled, and well-textured. Sub-bass depth also increases but not as much as the mid-bass.

The silver plating on top of the copper wires gives the Cadmus 8W the ability to provide increased detail and resolution within the mid-range. Given the Cadmus 8W focuses on the mid-bass, this results in thicker vocals and instrumentals in the lower mid-range.

Vocals and instrumentals come off with more heft and weight whilst still being highly resolving and detailed. Male and female vocals sound very smooth and organic.

The Cadmus 8W has a slightly warm timbre. It is not overly powering however there is definitely a hint of warmth running through it.

Treble, in particular, mid to upper treble, is where the Cadmus 8W tapers off and limits its coloration impact. Treble coloration is not as pronounced as the Cadmus 8W’s impact on the lower mid-range and dials it back a bit. Nevertheless, treble comes off with a decent level of extension, detail, and crispness.


The soundstage on the Cadmus 8W comes off as wide and taller however the Cadmus 8W noticeably adjusts the soundstage width more than it does with the height.

Layering and imaging are excellent leading to a very coherent sound. The Cadmus 8W is able to place and layer instruments and vocals with a high level of accuracy and sufficient space.  

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