Lotoo PAW 6000

Lotoo PAW 6000 Review

The Lotoo PAW 6000 is the company's latest reference class digital audio player and the smaller sibling to flagship PAW Gold Touch DAP. It is currently priced at $1200. Disclaimer: The Lotoo PAW 6000 sent...
Auris Euterpe

Auris Audio Euterpe Review

The Auris Audio Euterpe is the company’s latest desktop tube amp featuring a headphone, DAC/Preamp capability and a unique enclosure that duals as a headphone stand. It retails for €1,499.00. Disclaimer: The...
AAW Canary

AAW Canary Review

The AAW Canary is the company’s debut flagship hybrid electrostatic universal monitor, (also can be ordered in custom format). It is priced at SG$2,999.00. Disclaimer: The AAW Canary sent to us is a sample in ...
XI Audio Broadway

XI Audio Broadway Review

The Xi Audio Broadway is a transportable balanced/single-ended Class A headphone amplifier with both AC and battery power supply. It is priced at $2,299. Disclaimer: The Xi Audio Broadway sent to us for the pu...
Meze Rai Penta

Meze Rai Penta – First Contact

The Meze Rai Penta is the company's flagship Penta-hybrid universal monitor featuring a single dynamic driver and a quad BA driver design. It is priced at $1099. Disclaimer: The Meze Rai Penta sent to us for...
qdc Anole VX-S

qdc Anole VX Review

The qdc Anole VX is the company's new TOTL 10-BA monitor and comes in a custom, (VX-C) and universal, (VX-S) format. Prices start from $2,299 for the universal and $2436 for the custom version. Disclaimer: The...

WAVAYA Octa – First Contact

The WAVAYA Octa is the company's flagship porcelain custom monitor featuring a double electrostatic array and a triple BA driver hybrid configuration. It is priced from €1,590. Disclaimer: The WAVAYA Octa sent...
Rosson Audio Design - RAD-0

Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 Review

The Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 is the debut full-sized open-back planar magnetic headphone from ex-Audeze CEO, Alexander Rosson. It is priced at $2600. Disclaimer: The Rosson Audio Design RAD-0 sent to us is a ...