AmpCity launches the UK’s first Headphone Recabling Service

It is commonly known how important high quality cables and interconnects are to achieving maximum performance in a speaker system, yet the same attention has not been given to headphones in the UK. Sales of high-end models have soared with recent introductions such as the Audeze LCD-2, Beyerdynamic T1 and Sennheiser HD800, yet consumers are having to turn to America and Asia for their cables, putting their expensive headphones at significant risk by having them shipped thousands of miles.

That’s why AmpCity are pleased to announce today the launch the UK and Europe’s first headphone recabling service, alongside Fidelis and Fortis range of headphone cables – an easy and hassle-free way to get the maximum performance from any pair of headphones.

“A UK based Headphone Recabling Service is exactly what I’ve been looking for,” says John Simmons, a prototype tester. “I’ve sent both my Beyerdynamic T1 and DT990, totalling well over a grand, to America to have them recabled. Both times they’ve come back with scratches because of the couriers carelessness and took over three weeks to arrive. The AmpCity Headphone Recabling Service will be so much easier for me in the future.” The process for customers is simple – simply mail in the headphones and one of the fully trained and experienced AmpCity technicians will take care of the rest. The headphones are disassembled, the stock cable removed and the “Fidelis” ultra-high purity silver headphone cable soldered directly to the driver using high quality Cardas silver solder. The whole process is complete and shipped back to the customer within 3 days, fully insured and tracked of course. It’s the perfect way to take any pair of headphones to the next level.

Along side the Headphone Recabling Service is the launch of the Fidelis and Fortis headphone and IEM cables.The Fidelis is made from ultra-high purity silver and designed for full-size headphones. AmpCity has spent over six months developing the very best headphone cable and the result is simply stunning – a sonically transparent cable which reveals the true beauty of every song, exactly how it was recorded. The cable geometry has been specifically designed in a way which ensures maximum interference reduction, as well ensuring perfect signal transmission. The Fidelis can be used with any headphone with a detachable cable, with models supported including the Sennheiser HD800/HD650/HD600, HiFiMAN HE-500/HE-5LE/HE-6, Audeze LCD-2 and the AKG K702.

The Fortis is a lightweight and portable version of the Fidelis cable, designed specifically for use with earphones and custom monitors. Models supported include all JH Audio and Unique Melody custom IEMs, Shure SE530/SE535, Westone UM2/UM3X and the Ultimate Ears Triple.fi 10 Pro.

The Headphone Recabling Service, “Fidelis” and “Fortis” range will be available to UK, European and worldwide customers. Prices start from £225, £180 and £140 respectively.

You can contact AmpCity for recabling services and other products at

+44 (0)20 3384 6392
(Monday – Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm GMT)

24 Cullington Close,
Harrow, Middlesex,

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