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11.11 2019 Audio Deals

The following 11.11 feature is a rundown of some of the audio gear deals for 2019 we have found or have been sent to us by our clients from around the world.

Please note because 11.11 is a fairly Asian Centric Sales day a few of the deals below are for the Chinese market only. However, we do have plenty of Chinese readers so you are more than welcome.

是次的 2019 双十一( 11.11 )专题囊括了我们精选的产品优惠和我们全球广告客户提供的特别节日优惠


What is this 11.11?

So, what is 11.11? Basically, 11.11 is known as Single’s Day or 光棍节 and was developed to celebrate those who are still ‘single’ in life. The digits 1, 1, 1, 1have come to symbolize the individual who is ‘alone’. It has also become a very popular day to get married in China.

From ours and your perspective, however, it is one heck of a 24-hour period for flash deals and sales of all types, especially audio. Someone smart somewhere figured out that single people might have more disposable income to spend on gadgets etc.

It is now the largest sales day anywhere in the world and bigger than Black Friday/Cyber Monday believe it or not. Sites such as Taobao, AliExpress, Lazada, and Shopee are just teaming with discounts. Plenty of our clients are running promotions also.

So below is a rundown of what you can get, for how much and for how long it lasts. This list is by no means exhaustive, there are tons more out there that we most certainly do not know about so good luck everyone!

MusicTeck USA


Musicteck are one of the leading retailers of Asian audio gear in the US and yup, they do 11.11 sales also and yup, everyone is welcome to join in. The awesome news is that it covers the 9th to the 11th of November and not just Single’s Day but also from Veteran’s Day onwards so you get 3 days to pick and choose and not just one.


And the list is just huge, to be honest with plenty of the top brands like Effect Audio, HiBy, Jomo Audio and qdc to name but a few. You can scour the essentials below but I advise clicking on the store link above if something takes your fancy for more details.

Item MSRP Your Price You Save
Cayin N8 (Brass Black) $3,699 $3,099 $600
Cayin N8 (Stainless Steel) $3,299 $2,700 $599
Cayin N6ii (T01) $1,239 $1,049 $190
Cayin N6ii (A01) $1,199 $1,019 $180
Cayin YB04 $499 $379 $120

Effect Audio

Effect Audio Leonidas II (8W) $1,888 $1,549 $339
Effect Audio Horus $1,799 $1,529 $270
Effect Audio Cleopatra Octa $1,499 $1,199 $300
Effect Audio Leonidas II $888 $759 $129
Effect Audio Thor Silver II (8W) $850 $699 $151
Effect Audio Cleopatra $699 $559 $140
Effect Audio Eros II (8W) $600 $499 $101
Effect Audio Eros II $280 $229 $51


HiBy R6 Pro (Purple) $799 $699 $100
HiBy R6 Pro (SS) $699 $599 $100
HiBy R6 Pro (Alu Black/Gray) $549 $529 $20
HiBy R5 (Black) $399 $369 $30
HiBy R5 (Gold/Gray) $399 $355 $44
HYLA TE5B $1,250 $1,059 $191


InEar ProPhile 8 $1,995 $1,290 $705
InEar SD-5 $999 $799 $200
InEar SD-4 $849 $679 $170

Jomo Audio

JOMO Audio Trinity $2,799 $2,399 $400
JOMO Audio Flamenco $2,199 $1,899 $300
JOMO Audio Quatre $1,449 $1,099 $350
JOMO Audio Tango $1,399 $1,099 $300
JOMO Audio Haka $379 $299 $80
Lotoo PAW Gold 2017 $1,999 $1,499 $500
Oriolus BA300S JP Version $469 $399 $70


PWAudio 1950s $2,149 $1,699 $450
PWAudio 1960s $1,889 $1,499 $390
PWAudio Silver Gold (1% Gold) $462 $369 $93
PWAudio Initial $423 $339 $84
PWAudio No.5 (8W) $354 $279 $75
PWAudio No.5 $178 $149 $29
PWAudio Copper 28 V2 $87 $69 $18


qdc VX-S $2,299 $1,899 $400
qdc V6-S $1,099 $899 $200
qdc Fusion-S $800 $659 $141
qdc BTX Neptune $299 $229 $70
qdc Neptune $229 $209 $20
SendyAudio Aiva $599 $479 $120
SendyAudio Aiya $499 $299 $200
Shanling M5s $429 $309 $120

Unique Melody

UM Mason V3+ (upgrade cable) $4,099 $3,279 $820
UM Mason V3+ (standard cable) $3,199 $2,559 $640
UM Mentor V3+ (upgrade cable) $3,499 $2,799 $700
UM Mentor V3+ (standard cable) $2,599 $2,079 $520
UM Mentor V3 $2,099 $1,799 $300
Unique Melody Maven $1,999 $1,599 $400
Unique Melody Mirage $1,099 $879 $220
3DD-Ti $1,099 $749 $350



A lot of people know Linsoul already with some killer brands like Fearless and TinHifi to name but a few. Instead of picking a few products they are offering from 10% to 50% off on whole brand ranges this 11.11. There is also the offer of some free cable bundles and of course, the traditional Lucky Draw which is quite popular in China.

The new TinHiFi T4 at Linsoul


  • Nov. 11, 00:00 (China Standard Time GMT+8) ~ Nov. 11, 23:59 (China Standard Time GMT+8)

What’s on the deal?

  • 10% Off Store-Wide*
  • Get 10% off on most products, including Fearless Audio products*. Some product are up to 50% off discount.
  • Items that do not qualify for 10% off are all Aune products, iBasso DX220, Fiio products, and Shanling products.

Free Cable Upgrade

11.11 Lucky Number Lottery

  • If your order number ends with a “1”, you will get one TENHZ P4 PRO for free.
  • If your order number ends with a “3”, your purchase is on us!** **A refund will be issued after your order.
  • If your order number ends with a “5”, you will get $30 store credit for your next purchase.
  • If your order number ends with a “7”, you can exchange your purchased item with another product that is up to $100 higher for your current order.
  • If your order number ends with a “9”, you will automatically be entered into the Shanling M6 player raffle list.

Example: if your order number is #10425, you will get a $30 store credit!


Over on Indigogo Linsoul is not quite finished with their 11.11 promotions. This time it is the hot new TinHiFi T4 which we will be reviewing soon.

TINHIFI T4 will officially launch on Indiegogo at 9:00 am EST 11th of November with an early bird price of only $79, plus a $20 gift card for your next purchase on the Linsoul online store!

Lear Audio


Hong Kong custom and universal IEM manufacturers are keeping it simple but effective this year and there is no regional restriction on this one.

Lear Audio

What is on Offer?

For the entire day, (midnight to 2359pm), of 11.11 they will give you 11% off any order you make from their website. All you need to do is enter the coupon code 1111 at the checkout and it will automatically apply the discount.

Null Audio SG


Singaporean audio specialists also have an 11.11 sale across a wide range of in-ear, headphones and accessory products from the likes of AAW & Grado brands.  The sale will start at 0:00 am GMT+8 on the 11th and finishing 23:59 on the 16th of November so plenty of time to pick what you want.

Product Model Quantity MSRP
Sale Price
AAW Nebula One IEM NEB 38 99 35 65% OFF
NEB-mic 39 99 35 65% OFF
Versaudio Azalea
Dual Driver Hybrid In-Ear Monitor
  100 49 25 50% OFF
AAW Accessport Lightning 100 59 35.4 40% OFF
Grado Headphone GS2000E 1 1395 976.5 30% OFF
GS3000E 1 1795 1256.5
PS500E 3 595 416.5
PS1000E 1 1695 1186.5
PS2000E 1 2695 1886.5
RS1E 1 695 486.5
RS2E 3 495 346.5
SR125E 5 150 105
SR225E 5 200 140

Null Audio

The discounts will be applied directly on the website so you will not need any codes and the prices advertised are in US dollar. As far as I know, no regional restrictions apply.

Begin Audio

Begin Audio are a US-based dealer in all things “ChiFi” in the personal audio world. They retail all the known value Chinese brands including BGVP, Fearless, TFZ, KZ, Whizzer, and Moondrop. They have plenty of storewide deals and cable upgrades as well as a Lucky draw lasting the entire day of 11.11 from midnight to 23:59 GMT +8.

Begin Audio

Storewide Discounts

There will be storewide discounts:
• 15% on all BGVP products
• 10% on all Fearless Audio products with any faceplate design totally free
• 30%-50% discount on some products like cables

Free Cable Upgrade

On Order value worth $200 or more, the customer will get BGVP 8 Core 400N Cable

11.11 Lucky Number Sweepstake

Depending upon your last digit of order number you will get the following prices.

  • If your Order number ends with “1”, you will get one BGVP DMG for free.
  • If your Order number ends with “3”, your purchase will be on us for order total up to $199 and you’ll get the refund very next day.
  • If your Order number ends with “5”, you will get a $40 store coupon for your next purchase.
  • If your Order number ends with “7” then you can get the product which is up to $100 more of value than your current product.
  • If your Order number ends with “9”, you will automatically be entered into the BGVP ArtMagic EST8 Draw.




Scottish based audio specialists, RHA are getting in on the 11.11 commotion with some stiff discounts but be warned, these are for China only so you will have to work out a safe passage or a contact to get one of these deals. If you are a Chinese reader or based in China then carry on!


These deals are actually happening since Oct 21st and will run until 23:59 GMT+8 on the 11th November 2019

Discounts Offered

  • Product Sale – up to 30% off
  • When you place an order, you get a free tote bag.

6 Promotional prizes

  1. iPhone 11 Pro x 1 (only if you spend 1000 RMB and above in our store)
  2. 5 T20 Wireless
  3. 200 Water bottles
  4. 300 RMB vouchers (It can be activated when your purchase reaches 2999 RMB)
  5. 100 RMB vouchers (It can be activated when your purchase reaches 999 RMB)
  6. 50 RMB vouchers (It can be activated when your purchase reaches 499 RMB)


FiiO AliExpress Store

Could not be a 11.11 personal audio sale in Asia without some sort of FiiO promotion, right? And yes there is, plenty of them. FiiO has its own store on AliExpress where all the 11.11 deals can be accessed and there are some steep discounts like 30-40% upwards.


A few examples from the promo which runs from 00:00 Nov 11th to 23:59 Nov 11th GMT+8  are as follows:

  • M9 – $247.99 (discount of 20%)
  • M7 – $168.99(discount of 35%)
  • FH5 – $209.99 (discount of 20%)
  • FA1 – $$93.49 (discount of 15%)

There are a ton more of these deals on a wide range of new and older Fiio products and AliExpress does ship to anywhere in the world so there are no restrictions.

Burson Audio


Ok so this is not strictly an 11.11 deal but it is a one time offer and it is happening during 11.11 so I thought it would be nice to chuck that in there as I am sure quite a few might be interested in this.

Burson Audio

Burson Conductor 3X Reference.

Introducing the new Burson Conductor 3X: Balanced DAC/Headamp/Preamp.

Fully balanced with one DAC chip per channel. Top-quality components throughout including Neutrik XLR connectors, the C3X is the perfect command center for any XLR audio systems.


  • Retail price $2,200 USD inc shipping.
  • Exclusive Pre-Order Offer: $1,649 inc shipping.
  • Discount never to be repeated. ie It will be more expensive on Black Friday.
  • Delivery of all pre-order units before the 20th Dec. 2019
  • Offer ends 15th, Nov. 2019.
  • Shipping in chronological order

Advance Digital Power

Dual ESS9038 DAC chips, XMOS USB receiver with customized driver by Thesycon, Germany. DSD512 and 38bit/786khz playback capacity. Bluetooth 5.0 AptX-HD Input. This Conductor is for those who go the extra mile in pursuit of perfection.

Overwhelming Driving Power

5 Sets of Burson proprietary Max Current Power Supplies, outputting 7.5wpc (XLR), 3.25wpc (SE) The C3X drives any headphones under the sun.

A new level of Cool

With its all-new space grey ‘Cool Case’, this Conductor looks cool and plays cool. While its all-new intuitive control interface keeps users calm and cool. The Conductor 3X is a new benchmark that will let you hear your favorite song like never before.



Monoprice has a big sale on eBay right now and will continue through to 11/11 11:59 Pacific Time. Plenty of excellent gear on offer with up to $100 maximum discount with the use of the promo code: JUMBO20.

This is a one time use promo code so choose wisely!


Some excellent examples of the discounted prices are as follows:

  • 24460 Monolith THX Portable $231.99 after coupon
  • 24459 Monolith THX Desktop $399.99 after coupon
  • 24456 Monolith 10″ Subwoofer $449.99 after coupon
  • 35143 Monolith 10″ Sealed Sub $449.99 after coupon
  • 39256 Monolith M570 Headphone $239.99 after coupon
  • 24457 Monolith 12″ Subwoofer $779 after coupon (Save $100)
  • 34190 THX Select Speaker $279.99 after coupon
  • 34188 THX Ultra Speaker $409.99 after coupon
  • 34189 THX Center Speaker $359.99 after coupon

Clear Tune Monitors

Again, not strictly an 11.11 promotion but just so happens they do indeed have a big sale running through to the end of 11.11 and it is open worldwide to everyone. This is related to their Vintage Series universal monitor lineup and includes the VS-4 we reviewed previously on Headfonics here.

Clear Tune Monitors

The full discounted prices are as follows:

  • CTM VS-2 – $100
  • CTM VS-3 – $150
  • CTM VS-4 – $200

Move quick, however. I am told there are not many units left!

Music Sanctuary


Singaporean monitor and cable specialists are offering a couple of good deals for 11.11 on some of my favorite companies such as qdc. They will last only for the duration of the day so from midnight to 23:59 GMT +8.

Music Sanctuary

The offers are as follows:

  • qdc: 10% off all models
  • Fearless Audio: 10% off all models plus free artwork

The discounted prices will be built into the checkout price so no additional codes or coupons required. Enjoy!



Wireless fans rejoice because Sudio are offering a 25% storewide discount and includes a free gift bag with every order from the 4th of November to the 11th of November so happening now!


Headfonics Readers Sudio Special

Just in case you are a bit sleepy and miss all the fun, we have also got a special collaboration with Sudio that will allow you 15% off with the gift bag included with the use of headfonics as your discount code at the checkout.

This code cannot be used in conjunction with the existing 11/11 sale but is effective ANYTIME after so pretty much until Sudio decides to end it which could be never – how cool is that!


IEM specialists SoundMAGIC is busy this 11/11 also with plenty of deals. This is directly related to the company’s Shopee stores in the following countries; Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Deals are broken down by region and the correct link is beside that region with relevant local currency.

Shopee Singapore


  Original Price (SGD) Promotion Price (SGD)
E10 59.99 32.99
E10C 66.98 38.99
E11BT 110.98 69.99
E50 69.99 49.99
E50C 81.9 56.99
P22 39.99 29.99
P22C 49.99 32.99
P22BT 54.9 39.99

Shopee Malaysia:


  Original Price (MYR) Promotion Price (MYR)
E10 169 99
E10C 199 109
E11BT 319 179
PL30+ 109 60
P22 119 59.9
P22C 139 89
P22BT 159 119

Shopee Philippines


  Original Price (PHP) Promotion Price (PHP)
E10 Gun 2114 1099
E10C Blue 2711 1299
E11BT 4499 2599
E80 Gold 3556 1999
E11 Gun 2549 1480

That wraps up our overview of some of the cool deals for 11.11 2019. I am going to be honest and say that is just a tiny fraction of what is out there right now for 11.11 sales and if you find any killer ones please post them in the comments below and we will publish them as quickly as possible.

Of course, for Western readers, Black Friday is just around the corner so stay tuned for that one also! Happy hunting folks!

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