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Headroom 2016

The Headroom Show, London – Jan 29th 2016

London’s headroom show, which offers music lovers the chance to try the largest range of demonstrable headphones in the UK, will see the world’s leading audio manufacturers launch brand new products for 2016

Headroom, the unique two-day experience that brings together the world’s leading portable audio manufacturers, will introduce a number of brand new headphones and portable audio devices to consumers in 2016.

The biggest brands, including Sennheiser, SHURE, Audiolab, and Quad have chosen headroom, which runs from Friday 29th to Saturday 30th January, to launch a number of brand new products, all inside the world’s largest independent professional recording complex, Metropolis Studios, Chiswick.

NEW LAUNCH: Sennheiser HD 800 S reference-level headphone


The HD 800 S is Sennheiser’s new reference-level headphone. Precision-built in Germany the HD 800 S offers high-precision connectivity with a 6.3mm connector, plus an XLR-4 balanced cable to maximize sound quality from sources with balanced outputs.  The headband and headphone mounting utilizes advanced materials developed for the aerospace industry, giving high strength with minimal weight.




Audiolab’s highly anticipated M-DAC+ enhances the performance of its M-DAC sibling to include 32-bit/384kHz resolution for the USB input. The M-DAC+ can also link directly to Apple devices to access stored music via USB-A. DSD audio is also catered for with the M-DAC+ offering four different DSD and seven different PCM filters. Further features include redefined circuitry with a new internal power supply.


NEW LAUNCH: SHURE KSE 1500 isolating electrostatic earphone


Designed for discerning audiophiles, the KSE 1500 combines a Sound-Isolating™ electrostatic earphone with a matched high-res SHURE USB amp/DAC, providing a unique system giving unmatched clarity and detail with extremely high fidelity. The high-res 24/192 USB amp/DAC is compatible with Mac, PC, iOS, and Android devices, with navigation and control performed via a single wheel.


NEW LAUNCH: Questyle QP1R high-res portable music player DAP


The new QP1R high-performance portable music player (DAP) supports DSD128 and 24/192kHz PCM playback and uses a pure Class-A headphone amplifier with discrete transistors and components.

File support is included for ALAC, APE, FLAC, AIFF, WAV, WMA Lossless up to 24bit/192kHz, and high-res audio files such as DSD128 and DSD64. Questyle’s proprietary Current Mode Amplification technology is included, which was developed from its amplifiers, to drive virtually any headphone with ultra-low distortion, wide bandwidth, and pure Class A operation – a rare feat among portable devices.


NEW LAUNCH: Quad VA-One headphone amp


The new VA-One integrated amplifier from Quad follows founder Peter Walker’s approach to sound quality, using carefully selected hi-fi amplifier valves to drive life-like excitement into music. It includes both analogue and digital inputs, with RCA, optical and coaxial options, plus a 6.3mm headphone jack output on the front panel. Its USB-B and Bluetooth inputs (aptX) enable simple connectivity to PCs, tablets and smartphones.

NEW LAUNCH: Arcam MusicBOOST headphone amp/DAC for iPhone


The Arcam MusicBOOST is a genuine new-category product, a portable headphone amplifier with a high-precision DAC and powerful battery pack for the Apple iPhone 6, all in one sleek protective sleeve case weighing just 100 gms. MusicBOOST is an ideal travel product, able to be easily swapped in/out depending on usage and totally ends battery anxiety when boarding passes are kept on phones!



Headroom marks the first appearance for the newly released Fostex HP-A4 BL USB- powered DAC and headphone amp, which now offers a balanced headphone output. Based on the original HP-A4, the new version maintains support for DSD128 and PCM192, with a simple-to-use layout and great portability.


The headroom experience offers music lovers the UK’s widest selection of demonstrable portable audio in an exclusive private setting. The headroom show is a unique UK event, hosting the world’s leading portable audio brands at Metropolis, the most successful independent recording, mastering, and production facility in Europe.

Metropolis CEO, Ian Brenchley said: “We love hosting Headroom here at Metropolis. Not only do we, as members of the music industry, get excited about seeing all the latest innovations unveiled inside the studio, but we also love inviting audiophiles in from all over the world to see and sample the brilliant range of gear on offer at the show.

It’s a rare opportunity for them to get a glimpse inside Metropolis, where an average of 50% of the UK’s Top 40 is serviced, and for enthusiasts to get together in a relaxed environment and share their passion. We’re really looking forward to the show.”

The event runs from Friday 29th to Saturday 30th January at Metropolis’ Chiswick studios and provides the opportunity to try and buy with special discounts, promotions, and exclusive offers running throughout the two-day experience.

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