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The VorzAMPduo II By Vorzuge

November 18th, 2013. That was the last time Vorzuge and I collaborated on a review and it was then our product of the year, the Vorzuge VorzAMPduo. Reading back, I was delighted with everything about that amp, hand on heart 'the best I had heard to date' I ca...
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The AM2A By FiiO

To the best of my knowledge, the AM2A represents the final amp module for the current iteration of the X7 by FiiO and it is more of a response to a market development or DIY modification of the original AM1 than an outright pre-determined road-map release. Fi...
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The PB3 Mockingbird By iBasso

We had the Toucan, the Pelican and now we have the Mockingbird which is the third in the PB series of portable amps from iBasso with a focus on balanced power. This has always been a well-regarded series of amps and whilst other designs from iBasso have been d...
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The DAC3 HGC by Benchmark Media

After having reviewed the breathtaking professional DAC/amp surprise hit RME ADI-2 Pro and the also spectacular Lake People Reference Series, it is time to see how an actual hifi consumer device compares to reference professional tools. Turn your head to the ...
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The Soloist SL MK2 By Burson Audio

Kind of hard to say no to Burson, isn't it? At this point, it seems like Burson is a never-fail company that can churn out wins in their sleep. There have been far too many stellar product releases in the amplifier circuits this year to name, so I am dying to ...
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The X7 AM2 Module By FiiO

There was always going to be a part 2 and part 3 and so forth with the FiiO X7 DAP given its modular amping system and generally long shelf life road map planned from the start. I was wary initially of the possible total cost of ownership of the X7 given Hifim...