The Brainwavz B400 is the company’s top multi-driver monitor, retails currently for $169.58 on their online store and yes, we are offering it in our first ever giveaway in partnership with Brainwavz.

Here is a brief reminder of why their flagship B400 monitor has been positively received by the audiophile community. If you wish to read our full review of the B400 you can click here.

B400 Technical Specifications

  • Drivers: Quad Balanced Armature
  • Rated Impedance: 30Ω
  • Frequency Range: 10 Hz – 40 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 115dB
  • Cable: Detachable MMCX
  • Plug: 3.5 mm, Gold plated


The B400 is a quad balanced armature driver IEM with 1 BA dedicated for the low-end 2 for the mids and one BA for the highs. All four of the drivers are Knowles drivers.

The internal wiring is litz wire (gauge unknown) and all the soldering is done using Kester Solder which is a very nice grade of soldering for keeping contaminants out and retaining maximum conductivity (if applied correctly).

Brainwavz B400

3D Printing

This is also the first time Brainwavz have used a 3D printer in the manufacturing process of their IEMs. The original concept was metal injection molded shells much like you see with RHA and Campfire Audio but for some reason, the 3D printer process became more viable.

The additional bonus of this process is the price point which became substantially lowered as a result of the switching in production techniques.

The use of a 3D printing process seems a smart move for both production consistency and pricing. The design of the B400 is really perfect for comfort and seal and definitely one of the better ones at this price point.

Brainwavz B400


The B400 is a smooth sounding balanced and easy going quad BA IEM. I like the tuning from Brainwavz and at this price point, you really can’t fault its performance. It is a strong choice for vocals with a bass response that isn’t lacking makes it a suitable choice for breathy female vocals and some genres of EDM.

The detail is on point though the only thing missing is perhaps a little more treble extension just to give percussion timbre a bit more life.

Brainwavz B400

What you will receive

Inside the beautifully designed retail fold-out box you get the following:

  • 3.5mm Standard MMCX Stereo Cable
  • 2.5mm Standard MMCX Balanced Cable
  • Earphone Hard case
  • 1 Set earphone cleaning kit
  • 6 sets of Silicone Ear Tips (S M L)
  • 1 set of Comply™ Foam Tips T-100 Red
  • 2 Earphone sanitary wipes
  • 1 Shirt Clip
  • Velcro Cable Tie
  • Instruction Manual & Warranty Card (24-month warranty)

Brainwavz B400


How To Enter the B400 Giveaway

  1. Subscribe to Brainwavz Newsletter
  2. Subscribe to Headfonics facebook page here
  3. Leave a comment below

Entry is free, and anyone can enter from all over the world – but you must do ALL 3 steps to qualify for the giveaway.

Terms & Conditions Of The B400 Giveaway

  1. Only 1 entry per person.
  2. Winner will be chosen at random via web-based randomizer by the Brainwavz Team.
  3. Winner will be contacted via email by Brainwavz Audio.
  4. Brainwavz Audio will dispatch the prize from their distribution centers.
  5. Brainwavz and Headfonics will not be responsible for any duties or taxes in the winners respective country. This is entirely the winner’s responsibility to pay.
  6. Under no circumstances can relatives or employees of either Headfonics or Brainwavz enter this competition.
  7. No reviewers, both hobbyist or professional, can enter this competition.
  8. Information collected will be used by Brainwavz for marketing purposes.
  9. The prize is non-transferable and can not be exchanged in any way.

The Giveaway is now closed to any new entries. The winner will be announced on Saturday the 15th of June. Thank you to everyone who entered.


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  1. TK

    Golly gosh dang it. Did tons of research before buying my 1st IEMs, which I love, but just now came across these Brainwavz B400s with their 4 drivers, 2 included cables and amazing price. Just goes to show: you can research for weeks, maybe months, and still miss great IEM choices out there. I’m not usually a proponent of mergers to cut down on choices, but jeez.

    • Md Hamidul Islam

      I have seen every product you have. But the last release is always the best. 😊

  2. Yashankur

    Hope i win and compare with my sony wi c300 and can have a blast

  3. M Rizky Prawiraatmaja

    Oh wow! a new ones from Brainwavz. Now let’s hope I win something this time haha

  4. fadjar aditya darmawan

    hope RNG god boost my luck
    so exciting for this one

  5. Brien Matthew Benitez

    Been using the Brainwavz M2 since 2016. This would be an awesome upgrade!

  6. Manav Singh

    I have been using brainwavz ear phone from past 1 year and they are smoke 👍

  7. Mohit verma

    The best giveaway i ever wanted to take part in ❤️❤️❤️❤️ Headfonics ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Brainwavz ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Congratulations to both for collaboration

  8. Tse Man Kit

    I would like to be the lucky one and enjoy the high-end listening experience by the Quad Balanced Armature drivers of B400.
    It would be great to replace my Shure SE215!!

    Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  9. Marcel Carvalho Marques

    Yeah I’m human and anxious for win this amazing prize pack for Brainwavz!

  10. tian fath

    i hope hope hope so hope , can win this giveaway , im so curious :”) , I hope it’s always successful for headfonics ,
    #keepsupport headfonics !!

  11. Hareez Asri

    Tried the b100 before and was okay. Pretty excited to compare this to some of my other headphones.

  12. Sanjay

    Great to see this Giveaway such an legendary sounding B400 by Brainwavz ! Wavzz !

  13. Sidak

    Brainwavz earphones are one of the best quality earphones, i would be lucky to have the first 3d printed earphones.

  14. Vishwas Navada B

    Brainwavz audio is one of the best audio device manufacturers out there. I love the audio quality and I have referred many of my friends to buy Brainwavz and they are very happy with the audio quality.

  15. Aman Raikwar

    My doggo snapped my earphone cable and now the jack is broken. It was an expensive as well as great sounding iem, looks like the Brainwavz is the perfect replacement for it.
    Gimme that as a vote of sympathy. Thanks.

  16. Axel

    Would love to win these. Only had a taste of chifi, well let’s see who’s lucky!

    • Soumyabrata Karmakar

      I find tour offer interesting. As a audiophile I am keen interested to your product and your give away. I want to examine the said earphones and post the overall review to my Facebook and Instagram page.

      • Marcus

        Soumyabrata this is not a product review tour and if you are a ‘reviewer’ at any level you do not qualify for this competition.

  17. Shahzaib

    I didnot know what to write to win this awesome product so im just gonna say that i would love to have them love from pakistan

  18. Sourabh S

    Just love the product! Wish to have them. Love from India :)

  19. Phong Ngo

    Brainwavz products are always a good value. I love their zippered IEM cases.

  20. Prabhdeep Singh

    I have tried buying these but they got lost before reaching me!!! Would love to own one!!!

  21. Vaibhav Marathe

    Let’s see how my lucky charms work🙌🏼🙌🏼🔥

  22. Stef

    Nice contest I would love to win since I am currently shopping for a new pair of earphones.

  23. Dave

    I want to win this and add another brainwavz product to my collection

  24. Faiz Mohammad

    Good luck everyone! I wish I could say goodbye to my cheap earbuds

    • Jordan Balachandran

      Winning these would surely be a delight to use on stage while I play. Fingers crossed.

  25. Mateusz

    My fav company is giving one of their best headphones, great! 😊

  26. Hiteshwar Mehla

    This would be a dream come true. I’ll be the happiest person if I get the chance to try these state of art IEMs

    • Ari septian

      Best audio from brainwavz
      I like old iem model brainwavz b2 old dual balance armature knowless.

  27. Dan McCullough

    I love this site and the reviews! Always a go-to place to read on new headphones

  28. Nico G.

    Although I’m quitting it would be nice to own these bad boys 😎

  29. glen alngog

    Well, I tried. Goodluck. Scrolling down takes a minute due to too many comments. Nice buds though and hoping to win it

  30. Kurt Do

    How do these compare to sth like the Thinksound rain 3, TRN V80 or Kz ZSN?

  31. Prayogo Hartono Surya

    I really liked this iem when I tried it on a local store. Looking forward to win this gem!!!

  32. Ace Estaniel

    I hope I win, this will complement my current IEM lineup

  33. Philippe Drugeon

    Never won an international competition would be pleasantly surprised if i did !These things really happen ?

  34. Julius Caezar Castillo

    I hope lady luck smiles on me this time.
    Very interesting review btw.

  35. Anirudh

    Good luck to everyone, as a music producer this will be a joy to use.

  36. Jayson

    Hope to win! Goodluck everyone! Thanks headfonics and brainwavz

  37. Sean Herbie Chua

    What are the chances of me winning? but i got nothing to lose

  38. Jimmy Sonekar

    You guys seem to be super serious with your product.

  39. Sebastian Simoes

    Fingers crossed… For my first Brainwavz in ears… Thanks

  40. Afiq

    hope to win this. i really love listen to music. so i will grateful if i win it

    • Prassanna

      Hey I am already using brainwavz Omega, would really look forward to use this giveaway!! Awaiting for your headphones.

  41. Alex Matheson

    Brainwavz gear looks pretty cool and if the reviews I’ve seen are right then they’ll be a joy to listen to as well.

  42. Zien Keith

    I’m really interested in Brainwavz as I heard a lot of good comments about it and your website is my go to before purchasing any IEM!

  43. Itay Ovadia

    Wow what a great opportunity! I’m a lead singer in a band and unfortunately I can’t afford such in ear monitors to myself… Hope so much I’ll winn! 🙏

    • Juan Salvador de la Serna

      I’ve been using Brainwavz HM100 and love them!! Can’t wait to try out their IEMs!

  44. Nathanael

    Keep it up Headfonics. Love this collaboration between Brainwavz.
    It would be amazing to win!
    Good luck everyone !!!

  45. Carlos Sanchez

    How do I subscribe on Facebook? Always wanted to hear the B400.

  46. Jerric Noah Flores

    I’ve always used this website’s reviews in IEM’s before i purchase one :)
    Keep up the awesome work and good luck to everyone!

  47. Andrew Jones

    I am a huge lover of iem’s, but have not purchased any Brainwavz products. I would love the opportunity to try these out! Thanks for making this giveaway possible!

  48. Andy Nguyen

    I would loveeeee one of these!! All the best to everyone.

  49. Anakin Cheng

    Always wanted an upgrade from my B100’s . Now I get the chance for free! GL to everyone entering

  50. Majarhou Gonzales

    This will be a great birthday gift! *fingers crossed*

  51. Andy Satria

    Always wanted to have a Brainwavz IEMs, bored to read reviews and wanna start reviewing

  52. Jamman Candu S. Muarip

    It’s a great iem i hope that i win and thanks for the giveaway

  53. Alex Li

    Just got into the whole IEM thing a few weeks ago, starting with a KZ Zsn pro. The B400 should sound much better though, hopefully I can win this one!

  54. Desmond

    I wanna try out brainwavz for a while but it is not common in the market :(

  55. James D Buchanan

    Just entering the world of Hi-Fi and this would be the perfect way to experience it.

  56. Indrajit

    I confirm my humanity.
    I am not an alien or robot. I am in. Green earrings with sonic powers. Fashion and sound. The gates of my greed are wide open

  57. Praveen

    I always wanted to buy Brainwavz IEM’s, I wish one day I will,😍😍

    • Cris Vincent Bondoc

      From CA comet to Brainwavz B400? 😮
      Hope I get lucky to compare the two. :)

    • Prassanna

      Hey I am already using brainwavz Omega, would really look forward to use this giveaway!! Awaiting for your headphones.

  58. Hariadi Mastoyo

    Brainwavz’s product is well known for their value for money

  59. Abhilash L

    The relationship with Mee audio started with my special…very very special Mee audio pinnacle p1 iem …the best iem I have and I don’t think any iem can take that place….it is a beauty ….zinc alloy build monitor and that beautiful cable makes it a king…and sound … words to explain the sound…mind blowing….so I wanted to extend the relationship furthur with Mee audio and I hope you will select me as the winner and I assure you that I will give you guys more publicity

  60. Grant Butler

    From reading the specs above about these earphones they are nothing but super impressive especially the 3D printing aspect of it. I would use these piratically everyday mainly at gym which I’ve had many earphones before but I’ve yet to find one with superior sound quality and ones that actually stay in my ear. I like the fact that it also comes with a shirt clip. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  61. Eujenz Bareng

    Been stuck with cheap earphones for a while now (most expensive i got is 40 dollars) I was wondering how the more expensive ones compare to my earphones. I am hoping to win this one

  62. Adrian

    Generous package! Hoping to have a chance to audition those 3D-printed IEM shell. At this price point, it’s worth a look (and listen).


    I’ve tried this before at one of my country’s local audio shows, and it was fantastic. Hope to win this!

  64. Mohd Ikhwan Mohd Dan

    Great review. Would love to see comparison of fiio m11 and sony zx300

  65. Aizen

    Great review. Hope I get my hands on it. More power Headfonics and Brainwavz Team!


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