It’s Chinese New Year soon and Hong Kong audio specialists have reduced the price on their N4 USB powered DAC/Amp to a very tempting $199 as a special promo so we though we would take a look and see how it performs and if $199 is a “dont miss it” bargain.

Those into hifi audio will undoubtedly have heard of Hong Kong’s Miniwatt which for the last four or five years have specialized in tube ampifiers and speaker desktop solutions. The reviews were good and the customers happy so the N4 marks something of a departure for Miniwatt given it’s rather diminutive yet classy looking design and the fact it really is a new path for them into the world of digital and transportable audio.

Not wishing to leave all that amp making expertise behind, Miniwatt also engineered internal amplification and a headphone output to the N4 making this something of an all rounder in the same class as ALO Audio’s Island in many respects. Dropping the price from the SRP $398, albeit temporarily, to a rather more eye catching $199, also places N4 right in the mix with more successful high end budget amp makers such as FiiO and to a lesser extent Ibasso and JDS Labs.

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The N4 by Miniwatt
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