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DSC 3001

The VorzAMP Duo from Vorzüge

Well I am sold on the Vorzuge VorzAMP Duo as an excellent portable amp that contains one of the best tonal matches for my tastes in years. I thought I had this sorted with the Just Audio uHa-120 and the V2 Continental but this tops the both of them for my on the go amping needs. It is not as technically proficient as the neutral Theorem 720 but in terms of out and out musicality with some fun, if slightly OTT, gain switches and a form factor that bleeds pocket-ability the VorzAMP Duo for me is well worth the price if you need just one amp for the day. And don’t forget when I mean day I mean 24 hours and not a paltry 8-10 hours in playback time. IEM users might want to tread carefully with those gains switches and for others the cable might be a touch too long (especially AK100 users) but overall at $520 it is right up there. Honestly boutique players in the market seem to have a much better grasp of portable amping these days then the main players – what gives?






Silver Solder with Gold Compound
Gold Plated PCB
Top Grade Metal Film Resistors
Top Grade Metallic Capacitors
RoHS (Environment Friendly, Free from Hazardous Chemicals)
Play Time [hours]: 26
Size [mm] 83mm x 66mm x 18mm
Weight [g] 150g

In the box

VorzAmp™ (Headphone Amplifier)
VorzKabel™ (20cm long)
Set of Li-ion batteries (2x1000mAh)
Protective pouch
USB Power Adapter (100AC to 230AC)
Mini USB to USB Cable (Charging from Computer)

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