The Liquid Lightning 2 by Cavalli

Final Thoughts

I am not too fond of such an expensive piece of equipment not providing at least a basic set of interconnects and cables to actually use the product. Much like printers, some of the more expensive headphone amplifiers various types do not come with everything you need to immediately start using the product. For such a price, I would expect both RCA and balanced XLR cables to be provided in the package, as well as the spare power cable and proper converter adapter in case you live overseas with different wall socket plug types then what is commonly found in USA. Minor gripes, but still gripes nonetheless. Cavalli includes a really nifty sock like material that stretches over the unit with their logo brandishing the top of it, a great dust proofing and protection that I wish every amplifier company would include with their products. After powering down and letting the amp cool off to room temperature, I felt much safer placing this material back over the top side of the amplifier, knowing dust and debris damage potential is greatly lessened.

Even though I am not fond of neutral sound signatures and very much prefer a more warm and gently colored appeal to tonality, I found Alex’s amplifier overly addictive and something I cannot dream of not owning in the near future. While I think my favorite electrostatic amplifier with regard to tone is certainly Ray Samuels A-10, an electrostatic amplifier that I don’t have much experience with, I certainly consider Cavalli’s new Liquid Lighning 2 to be the absolute pinnacle of reference grade tone and clarity. This is a purists amplifier, one that I think many people who enjoy a colorless and neutral flavor will enjoy most. I wholeheartedly recommend at least try to demo this amplifier. If you ever come across it at any audio meets or gatherings, it is certainly worth your time and investment if you own most of the higher tier electrostatic headphones. I think Alex has done a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier with the results when comes down to overall clarity and dynamics, as in my experiences I’ve yet to come across anything superior in literal and raw clarity potential as found in the Liquid Lightning 2.


Technical Specifications

1. 400v rails for a 1600Vpp output swing.

2. Two CA custom made output jacks, one biased for Stax Pro 580V, the other settable with jumpers for 580V, 540V, or 500V. The last two to accommodate Senns.

3. Three input jacks, two balanced one single ended. Balanced input #2 has a loop out. The SE input is converted to balanced before being introduced to the amps so that there is no loss of gain.

4. Tubes are NOS 6S4A deflection tubes. Cavalli have lots of them in stock and will ship 4 extra tubes with each amp.

5. Processor controlled, opto-coupled, photo resistor volume control.

6. Overload current detection in the PS which turns the amp off if there is a failure which causes too much current to be drawn.

7. ½” Machined aluminum side panels.

8. ¼” Machined, engraved front panel.

Price: $4,250.00



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