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The Ether C by MrSpeakers

Those of you who read our top gear for 2015 review list in December 2015 would probably have noticed me waxing lyrical about headphone that no official review from us had come out at the time yet still received a Writer's Choice Award for 2015. That headphone ...
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The Ether by MrSpeakers

If you’ve lived under a rock for the past few months, you may not be aware that Dan at MrSpeakers has again been up to no good as of late.   Somewhere out in the desert in California, or perhaps a dark laboratory of a malicious manner, Dan Clark created a new ...
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The Alpha Prime by MrSpeakers

MrSpeakers, makers of our number one product of 2014, the Alpha Dogs, are back again with their latest incarnation, the Alpha Prime Planar headphone which is technically and fiscally their new Flagship headphone replacing the Dogs at the top of the food chain ...