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FiiO K5

FiiO K5 Review

The FiiO K5 is the company’s latest version of their all in one dockable DAC and integrated desktop amplifier for their X-range DAPs. It is priced at $110. Disclaimer: The FiiO K5 sent to us is a sample in e...

Airist Audio Heron 5 review

A new player called the Heron 5 has entered the battlefield and I’ve almost no information to share about Airist Audio apart from the fact they are a small team of smart people from the likes of MIT, Harvard to...
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The HA-1 by Oppo

Oppo's recent achievement in the audio universe has not gone unnoticed. I am almost certain they've made most other audio brands duck and run for cover, give up their lunch money and require a hall monitor to e...
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The N4 by Miniwatt

It's Chinese New Year soon and Hong Kong audio specialists have reduced the price on their N4 USB powered DAC/Amp to a very tempting $199 as a special promo so we though we would take a look and see how it perf...
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The Island by ALO Audio

ALO Audio recently released their new balanced USB powered DAC/AMP called the Island priced at $299 and frankly folks this is about as small as it can get. Ok so I saw the eye catching pictures like everyone el...
Hifiman EF6

Hifiman EF6 Review

The Hifiman EF6 is a Class A high-end solid-state desktop amplifier specifically tuned and powered to pair with the HE6 headphones. It is priced at $1599. Disclaimer: The Hifiman EF6 sent to us is a sample in ...