HiBy R6 Pro

HiBy R6 Pro Review

The HiBy R6 Pro is the next generation of the company's original R6 flagship media player with enhanced low-impedance output power priced at $799. Disclaimer: The HiBy Music R6 Pro was sent to us a sample in e...
Hifiman Ananda

Hifiman Ananda Review

The Hifiman Ananda is a new planar magnetic headphone that supersedes the older Edition X series with the latest nano thickness diaphragm. Priced at $999. Disclaimer: The Hifiman Ananda sent to us is a sample ...
Effect Audio Leonidas II

Effect Audio Leonidas II Review

The Effect Audio Leonidas II is the newly designed successor to the original Leonidas using a new mix of Silver and Palladium. The retail price is $888. Disclaimer: The Effect Audio Leonidas II was sent to us ...
Vizio M-Series M-F0 TV

Vizio M-Series TV Review

The Vizio M-Series M-F0 is a 65" OLED 4K capable flatscreen TV at just under $1000 with a wide range of features and excellent audio reproduction. Disclaimer: The Vizio M-Series TV sent to us for the purposes ...
Plussound Tri-Copper Cable

Plussound Tri-Copper Cable Review

The Plussound Tri-copper (Exo) is a mid-fi priced $549 IEM aftermarket cable featuring three different types of copper wire. Disclaimer: The Plussound Tri-Copper cable sent to us for the purposes of this revie...
Astral Acoustics Libra

Astral Acoustics Libra Review

The Astral Acoustics Libra is the company's TOTL silver headphone cable and comes in both a 4-wire and 8-wire edition. It is priced from $520. Disclaimer: The Astral Acoustics Libra was sent to us a sample in ...