FiiO M3 Pro
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FiiO M3 Pro Review

The FiiO M3 Pro is a complete revision of the original M3K entry-level DAP featuring an ESS ES9128P DAC and up to 15 hours of battery life. It is priced at $99.99. Disclaimer: The FiiO M3 Pro sent to us is a s...
AAW Halcyon
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AAW Halcyon Review

The AAW Halcyon is a tri-level hybrid universal or custom monitor featuring a quad-electrostatic, dual BA, and a single dynamic diver. It is priced at SG$1,999. Disclaimer: The AAW Halcyon sent to us is a sa...
Earmen TR-Amp
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Earmen TR-Amp Review

The Earmen TR-Amp is a portable integrated DAC and amplifier using an ES9038Q2M chipset, with MQA capability, and up to 400mW of output power. It is priced at $249. Disclaimer: The Earmen TR-Amp sent to us is ...
Whizzer B6
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Whizzer B6 Review

The Whizzer B6 TWS is an affordable True Wireless System featuring BT5.0, IPX7, aptX, and up to 45 hours of battery life. It is priced at $68.99. Disclaimer: The Whizzer B6 sent to us is a sample in exchange f...
Cayin E02
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Cayin E02 Review

The Cayin E02 Motherboard is the 4th module released for Cayin’s new N6ii DAP featuring a Class AB balanced amplifier as well as a dual ES9038Q2M DAC design. It is priced at $419. Disclaimer: The Cayin E02 sen...
T+A Solitaire
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T+A Solitaire P Review

The T+A Solitaire P is a high-end full-sized open-back or circumaural headphone using a planar-magnetostatic transducer, (driver). It is priced at £5000. Disclaimer: The T+A Solitaire P sent to us for this ful...
Lotoo PAW S1
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Lotoo PAW S1 Review

The Lotoo PAW S1 is a new hi-res integrated portable amplifier and DAC dongle featuring PMEQ and up to PCM 32/384 and DSD 128 decoding. It is priced at $165. Disclaimer: The Lotoo PAW S1 sent to us is a sample...
Shanling M6 Pro
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Shanling M6 Pro Review

The Shanling M6 Pro flagship DAP improves on the original M6 release with a new dual AK4497EQ DAC and a more powerful 600mW amplifier. It is priced at $759. Disclaimer: The Shanling M6 Pro sent to us is a samp...
Effect Audio Horus X
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Effect Audio Horus X Review

Effect Audio Horus X is a new twist on their previous flagship Horus cable. This is a 26 AWG 8-Wire OCC Gold Plated Silver (GPS) cable with EA Ferrite Guard Technology priced at $2499. Disclaimer: The Effect A...