DSC 2973
DSC 2973

The Throne (Poison) headphone by I-Mego

Final Words

The I-Mego Throne Poison has some potential with the right setup and visually looks quite unique and doubtless will appeal to a lot of the casual consumer market. The lack of sibilance and warm inoffensive but veiled reproduction will give countless hours of non-fatiguing listening and the fit and comfort levels are quite good. At $130 though things are getting more and more competitive with the the likes of Superlux learning and developing a wide range of sounds for half the price and the Aiaiai Capital almost a king at this price range in terms of durability though considerably less comfortable to wear than the Throne.

I give credit to I-Mego for putting some nice touches into the headphone to create a visually striking product that will certainly keep the retail shelves interesting to the eye. With the use of amping and different sources obviously the higher up you go in the food chain the more you can squeeze out of the Throne Poison’s top end and dynamics and it can do some nice things now and then but without the use of any amping and EQ the stock sound leaves me a little wanting.

Just as I write there are now two new versions out, the Dark Angel and the White Devil and by reading their charts also I believe the White will be the equivalent to the Poison and the Dark to the Gold.


Technical Specifications

Type: Headphones
Driver Diameter: 40 mm x 2
Frequency Response: 20 – 20,000 Hz
Impedance: 32 ohms
Weight: TBC
Cable: 1.2 m in length
Connector: 3.5 mm stereo plug



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